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India assures Bangladesh NRC in Assam entirely internal matter

Dhaka, Mar 2 (GCCurrentAffairs) India on Monday assured Bangladesh that the process of updating the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam which shares its border with Bangladesh is entirely internal to the country and will have no implications for the government and people of Bangladesh.
Speaking at Bangladesh Institute for International Studies (BIISS) here, Foreign Secretary Harshvardhan Shringla said that as the closest of neighbours and with so many shared cultural trait, it is also inevitable that events in each other’s countries create ripples across the border — irrespective of irrespective of whether there is real justification for this.
“One recent example is the process of updating the NRC in Assam, which has taken place entirely at the direction and under the supervision of the Supreme Court of India. Let me clearly state here what our leadership has repeatedly confirmed at the highest level to the Government of Bangladesh: this is a process that is entirely internal to India. Therefore there will be no implications for the Government and people of Bangladesh. You have our assurance on that count,’ he said.
Mr Shringla is in Dhaka on a two-day visit to Bangladesh to prepare the ground for the forthcoming visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi this mid-month to attend the inauguration of the birth centenary celebrations of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman who had led the country’s liberation war. It will be Prime Minister Modi’s second visit to Bangladesh.
The Foreign Secretary dwelt upon a range of subjects in his elaborate address ranging from the thorny issue of sharing of river waters to trade and connectivity, energy ties, infrastructure and culture.
Referring to the humanitarian crisis in Rakhine State of Myanmar, and its impact upon Bangladesh, the Foreign Secretary said that India is deeply appreciative of the spirit of humanism that motivated Bangladesh to offer shelter to nearly one million displaced people.
“And we fully recognize and sympathize with the enormous burden that you are facing. As the only country that is an actual neighbour of both Bangladesh and Myanmar, we are committed to offering the fullest support for any mutually-acceptable solution that will enable the earliest possible return of displaced persons to their homes in Rakhine State and to a life of dignity. This should be done in a manner that is safe, secure and sustainable,’ he said.
Mr. Shringla pointed out that India has provided five tranches of aid to the camps in Cox’s Bazar area through the Government of Bangladesh, and is prepared to do more. India is also investing in the socio-economic development of the Rakhine area, including housing, so that there is an incentive not only for people to return, but for all communities to focus on cooperative solutions for economic development, rather than compete for limited resources, he said.
He stressed that there is no difference between India and Bangladesh on the way forward in addressing this major humanitarian problem. He suggested that diverse stakeholders should be encouraged to lower the rhetoric and find practical and pragmatic solutions, bearing in mind that the priority is finding a fair and dignified humanitarian outcome.
Recalling his long association with Bangladesh and his tenure as India’s High Commissioner in Dhaka, Mr. Shringla said India was looking forward to Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Dhaka because of the priority the Prime Minister attaches to this relationship, and even more so, because Bangabandhu is just so iconic – as a globally-recognized statesman and iconic symbol of liberation for Bangladesh and for our subcontinent.
Describing Bangabandhu as “a man of letters, a man of action, courage and conviction, and most of all, a true hero,’ who brought forth a nation, Mr. Shringla said that Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is India’s national hero too. “We are honoured to be part of the celebrations, including through the joint production of a special feature film on the life of Bangabandhu,’ he said

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