India Design Week to Launch its First Edition of Spring Summer

  • Platform designed to boost young designers and artisans
  • This summer artisans and designers will get a new platform as India Design Week commences this April.

India Design Week is coming up with its first edition of Spring Summer season in April 2019. The design week aims at giving platform to artisans of art and craft, hand-loom sector which is on the verge of extinction and also to promote young talent in the field of Textile, Knitwear and Lifestyle along with fashion which is again an untouched segments of fashion industry.

Deepshikha and Nidhi Chaudhary

“With India Design Week we strive to focus on Positive Fashion, creating a platform designed to celebrate diversity, sustainability, craftsmanship and new talent where the young designers, artisans can connect to direct buyers and get appreciated for their art and efforts,” said Deepshikha Chaudhary, Founder of India Design Week.

Sample of Indian traditional embroidery by artisans

“Creating a platform to save dyeing crafts and boost young talents of other sectors like Knitwear, textile and lifestyle of India is our originality. India has a vast range of rich crafts and tradition, and Fashion and textile is an essential dose of any person’s lifestyle and if we combine it with Indian craft its identity changes completely,”  said Nidhi Chaudhary, Founder, India Design Week.

The event will have runway shows along with the Exhibition to showcase fashion, textile, knitwear, lifestyle and accessories designers as well as other art and craft artisans will put their products to sell. The artisans will display the different varieties of products from different part s of India. The event will be held on 29th and 30th April at CIDCO Exhibition Center, Vashi, Navi Mumbai. It will be interesting to see new talents, variety of crafts, culture coming together under one roof. The sisters came up with the idea to bring the artisans of different states and young designers together on a national platform where they can showcase their real talent.

About India Design Week

Mission is to harness the power of the fashion and lifestyle industry to create opportunities and sustainable growth for the sector, while promoting our designer businesses in the fashion and lifestyle economy. In 2019 we continue to focus on Positive Fashion, a platform designed to celebrate diversity, sustainability, craftsmanship and community, encouraging fashion to be used as a platform to promote global positive change. The event aims to be one of the highest profile fashion events in India. India Design Week will put participating designers at the national stage. It is expected a footfall of over more than 2,000 visitors attend: which include guest, influencers, celebrities, fashion professionals, buyers, TV & radio crews, journalists and photographers.

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