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India does not care Disha Ravi!

India does not care Disha Ravi. 

India does not care if you are a 21-year old or a 22-year old girl or a 44-year old women. We believe if you are old enough to vote, you are old enough to face the law, if you have broken the law in any form. More importantly, whether you are a girl or a boy, it is immaterial to the investigations of the crime against India you are accused to be involved in.

India does not care if you are climate change activist. We believe if you are attempting to pollute the social climate in India by supporting and propagating chaos and anarchy, then you should face cloudy times under the laws of India because any attempt to create a climate of anarchy and chaos in India must be dealt with sternly and with strict laws at hand.

India does not care if you are Disha Ravi Joseph. We believe your religion or caste is immaterial to your act of working with people working against the interest of India under the guise of assisting farmers in their protest against farm laws. The acts of violence on January 26th, 2021 were not acts of a peaceful protest but it was an attack on the Indian democracy and our sovereignty. So if you a Disha Ravi Jadav or Disha Ravi Jameel instead of a Disha Ravi Joseph, you must be investigated and punished if found guilty by the law, irrespective of your caste or religion.

India does not care if you have graduated from a good educational institute such as the Mount Carmel, Bangalore. We believe that if your education does not come to use for the betterment of India but is misused to be part of an Internationally-driven propaganda to spread chaos and anarchy in India, then that education is a waste to you and India, irrespective of the institution. In fact, some media head honchos in India were so proud that a journalist from NDTV, Nidhi Razdan, was to be an Assistant Professor to teach Journalism at the prestigious Harvard University. Media felt it was a proud moment for India. Of course that appointment happened to be a lie because Harvard University does not have a journalism course and Nidhi claimed she was a victim of phishing. So using education as a justification to prove your credibility is like fishing in a dry pond.

India does not care if you are the Co-Founder of Fridays For Future India – an NGO advocating climate change globally. We believe that you have your democratic right to raise your voice against environmental and social evils in India but when you use that voice without responsibility to ideate anarchy, propagate misinformation and instigate protests using International influencers such as Greta Thunberg and her toolkit, you are working against the interest of India.

India does not care if you are soft-spoken girl. We believe you can be a loud-spoken girl in India too. (For example, most people in India love Kangana Ranaut, she is loud and certainly not soft spoken.) However, what we as concerned citizens expect is that when you speak or act it must not be done to divide or create instability. The fundamental right to Freedom of Expression that every Citizen of India possess comes with the Fundamental Duty to use that Freedom of Speech responsibly.

India does not care if you have a German Shepherd for a pet and take it for regular walks, you could have raised a stray Indian breed dog that you might have found on the road.  But, when Delhi Police investigations reveals your link with wild brutes propagating the Khalistani movement in India and individuals from Poetic Justice Foundation, then we have an issue with the nature of the animals you are caring for and tending too – in this case, the anti-nationals.

India does not care if you are the sole-breadwinner of your house especially when you acts of propagating chaos and anarchy could have led to breadwinners of other homes losing their lives or facing severe injuries, if the violent protest got even more violent. Being the sole bread-winner of your home does not give you the justification to poison the hearts of thousands of other Indians with your lies and misinformation.

India does not care if you are inspired by some foreign primatologist named Jane Goodall. That’s your prerogative. But as Indians we are concerned that no activist is up to monkey business in India that works against India and they use other International primates to further propagate their monkey business in India. We also understand a lot of the monkeys in India from the fields of politics, activism and media are coming out in support of your primate tendency and that’s fine because monkeys that speak shit together, stand for each other.

India does not care if the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan has spoken in your defence in his attempt to humiliate India and Prime Minister Modi. The world knows that he is one monkey that probably even the primatologist Jane Goodall would have difficulty in writing a thesis on, because they cannot be a stupider Baboon than him in global politics. His obsession over matters in India is akin to a Baboon on heat who desperately seeking attention for some sort of gratification.

Disha Ravi, the only truth India cares about is whether you worked against the interest of India and if you did then you need to face the law and if found guilty, you should be punished. So stop playing the victim, if you are smart enough to know about the implication of UAPA, you know very well that you were walking on an illegal and unaccepted path.


Savio Rodrigues

Founder & Editor-in-Chief
Goa Chronicle


Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief
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