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The National Register of Citizens in Assam has thrown up an astonishing figure of 40 lakh illegal immigrants in the country from a survey in one state.

Of course there is going to be politics played over the NRC findings both at an India-level and internationally as well. The major propaganda will be that the Indian government is violating human rights and going to make 40 lakh humans homeless and nationless. More so, internal agencies and media will drum up support and conjure frightening stories that the Hindutva-led government will harm thousands of Muslims who will now be refugees.

Opposition is India will cry hoarse about this revelation of illegal immigrants and I am sure that the findings in Assam are just the tip of the ice-berg. The Centre must initiate such findings across all states in India.

But to me the real issue is not the findings or the deportation of the illegal immigrants, it is the infiltration of the illegal immigrants in Assam.

Illegal immigrants are deported all the time in the other nations. UAE for example has currently initiated an Amnesty Scheme for all those foreign expatriates living in the country illegally to return back to the countries of origin without any legal ramifications. USA – the preacher of human rights – on issue of illegal immigrants does not pay any heed to human emotions or rights, if you are an illegal immigrant they send you to jail and then deport you. So the Opposition shedding crocodile tears over illegal immigrants is nothing but pure political play to paint the current government as Anti-Muslim as most of the illegal immigrants are Muslims.

The infiltration is shocking because it is a complete failure on part of the government and different border security authorities over the years coupled with the collusion of government officers who ensured they survived in India for many years with Indian documents such a ration cards, PAN cards and now Aadhar cards.

While I am empathetic to the plight of the illegal immigrants and also their reason to come to India illegally in search of a better future; that humanness cannot be the reason to allow for illegal immigrants to stay in India and reap the benefits which should otherwise go to our Indian citizens.

Illegal immigrants are being dealt with sternly by many countries across the world, India has not yet gotten firm on illegal immigrants, but it should and we must impress on the government to keep a firm vigil on trespassers into the country through borders and send them back to the nation of their origins.

40 lakh illegal immigrants from one state is not a joke that is some serious infiltration. That’s almost the size of a small European nation like Croatia. I am at loss of words as to how these illegal immigrants managed to move into India and stay over the years undetected.

India is not a place for refugees from other countries. Most refugees in the Assam NRC findings are Muslims. Islamic nations should step forward and provide for their Islamic brothers and sisters.

It appears to be deliberate an act by certain foreign nations with vested interests to dump the illegal immigrants on India’s shoulders and then paint India scarlet for taking a logic stance in protecting the interest of the people of their nation by deporting the illegal immigrants. In fact signature campaigns have already started stating the Hindutva-led Modi government is going trample on the rights of over thousands of Muslims in India, but what the campaign forgets to add is that they maybe Muslims but they are not Indians.

I fully support the Narendra Modi’s government stance to deport the illegal immigrants. It is the need of the hour and the process of deportation must not be lingered due to political or international relationship pressures.

Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief GoaChronicle.com

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