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India is a Hindu Nation: Goa Deputy CM

The normally reticent Goa Deputy Chief Minister Francis D’Souza furthered added fuel to the raging controversy sparked on account of Goa MLAs Deepak Dhavalikar’s statement ‘Modi will make India a Hindu Nation’ by stating “India is a Hindu Nation, there is no need to make it a Hindu Nation”.

D’Souza furthered elaborated, “We are all essentially Hindus. We are people that belong to Hindustan. We are Hindustanis. I am a Christian Hindu. So the notion of wanting to be a Hindu Nation is misinterpreted.”

When questioned about the anti-secular stand on a Hindu Nation statement, D’Souza commented, “I cannot understand where the controversy is or what is anti-secular about the fact that as we are Hindus, this is a Hindu Nation, we are Hindustanis with people from diverse religious choices but still culturally Hindus.”


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