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India is strengthening itself with France and UAE, while Pakistan is stuck with internal issues

The radical group TLP encouraged and promoted by Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is now getting out of his control. Millions are protesting on the streets of Pakistan. They’re yelling anti-France slogans. They are extremely angry and it’s evident in their actions. They didn’t spare Army, the police force, and even journalists. People can be heard saying “Fauji Wapasi” i.e; “Army goes back”. The police in Pakistan are facing the anger of violent groups. They are beaten, thrashed, and dragged by collars.

TLP and the Imran government are standing opposite each other. On 12 April, the Pakistan government arrested Saad Rizvi. Saad Rizvi was the one who gave the call for the expulsion of the French ambassador. This provoked violent protests in Pakistan, mainly in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and Lahore, in Pakistan’s Punjab province. Four policemen were killed in the clashes, and over 800 were injured.

The TLP is protesting against the arrest of their leader Saad Hussain Rizvi, who was taken into custody earlier this week This TLP is the same group who supported Imran’s government. TLP has four demands: the expulsion of French ambassador over President Emmanuel Macron’s explicit backing of blasphemous sketches of the Prophet Mohammad, the release of party Chief Saad Rizvi, the removal of the ban on the party, and the release of activists arrested as well as the FIRs against them to be revoked. The TLP wants European diplomats out of Pakistan.

The situation is out of control in Pakistan, lakhs are protesting violently on the streets against the Imran government and Pakistan Army. Owing to situations on 14 April, the government banned radical Islamist Tehreek-I-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP). According to Dawn, Pakistan interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said that the religion political outfit would be banned under rule 11(b) of the Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997. He further stated, “They were more prepared than us but today we’ve decided that a ban on TLP will be placed and this file is going to the cabinet for the approval from today”

There is a strong and violent anti-French sentiment in Pakistan for many months, it was triggered by the French President’s support to the weekly magazine’s right to publish the cartoons that depict Prophet Mohammad which Pakistani citizens consider blasphemous. After Pakistan Government banned the TLP, the French embassy warned their citizens.

On 15 April, the French embassy issued a warning to French citizens in Pakistan to leave the country as soon as possible. The French embassy advised all French nationals and companies to temporarily leave the country after violent anti-France protests paralyzed large parts of the country this week.

On 16 April, Pakistan Government imposed a complete ban on social media. Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, TikTok, and YouTube were temporarily suspended across the country from 11 am to 4 pm, amid the violent protests. Till Sunday, TLP had 11 policemen at hostage in Lahore. The government was negotiating with the banned radical group TLP for the freedom of the captured policemen.

On 17 April, Imran made a statement that the government too wanted that there was no blasphemy against Prophet in any country. He asked that “will sending the French ambassador back and cutting off all ties with them stop this? Is there any guarantee that no one will commit blasphemy after that?” He told ‘those in the west’ to penalize those who are abusing prophets.

He tweeted a thread of tweets on Saturday:



Following series of events, on Monday the policemen were released by TLP.

On the other hand, India gears up for testing combat skills at Varuna Naval exercise along with France and UAE from 25 April, Sunday. Indian Navy warships will join the French flagship Charles de Gaulle carrier aircraft carrier along with United Arab Emirates (UAE) Navy for the three-day Varuna trilateral exercise to jointly test combat skills and war game in the Persian Gulf area.

From 1993, India and France have been holding the exercise which was named Varuna in 2001. On 25 April, UAE will be participating in the Varuna maritime exercise for the first time.

The officials have informed Indian Navy’s participation will send probably two-three destroyers (most probably led by INS Kolkata, the lead ship of the navy’s Kolkata-class stealth guided-missile destroyers) and frigates, an attack submarine, a P-8I maritime reconnaissance and anti-submarine warfare aircraft to make up for Indian Navy’s sole aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya. It has been informed that INS Vikramaditya is under maintenance and hence it would not join the exercise. Charles de Gaulle, the flagship of French Navy, comprises two frigates and a replenishment tanker.

As nestling UAE Navy is going to be a part of Varuna Naval exercise, Indian and French warships will be conducting complex operations in the north Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf.

India and France have a great and profound cooperation and connect on Indo-Pacific doctrine to make sure that navigation from the Gulf of Aden to the western shores of the United States is without any sort of barricades, prophets, and blocks of freedom. India and France have close relations with the UAE.

Krushna Patel

Intern, Goa

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