India Japan Partnership Group Led by Sanjeev Sinha holds “India Japan Healthcare Forum”

Mr. Sanjeev Sinha, President of India Japan Partnership Fund & Group led a series of bilateral interactions on healthcare in Tokyo including multiple focused meetings and a round table during July and August 2018.



IJPG – India Japan Healthcare Forum


Opening the forum Mr. Sinha pointed out the strong appetite for funding and technology transfer from Japan to India in the healthcare domain. He emphasized on the Japanese government support on the matter as well, referring to his discussions with Japanese Prime Minister’s Office and other ministries and government agencies for collaboration with India.


Mr. Sinha outlined the challenges and the solutions as evidenced in his interactions with the wide-ranging stake holders in many on-going efforts from Japan to build hospitals overseas. He advocated a holistic approach of funding the premium quality Japanese technology in India by the abundant low-cost Japanese capital for enhanced overall feasibility, as undertaken by India Japan Partnership Fund headed by himself, he noted. Mr. Sinha elaborated on the sophisticated funding models involving equipment leases, services outsourcing, REITs, SPVs, combining private equity and debt, for the right legal and compliance in the healthcare field. Mr. Sinha also pointed out need for high quality logistics, diagnostics, medical IT, skill development and even the hospital architecture to efficiently deploy Japanese technology as a package, a model on which various entities within India Japan Partnership Group are working on. This complements very well with India’s fast growing demand for high quality healthcare and insufficient supply as yet, Mr. Sinha continued to nail his point in.


Mr. Sinha recalled the participation from Mr. Satish Reddy of Dr. Reddy’s on the IIT Alumni Conference he led in 2007 and India Japan Pharma interaction with Dr. Rajiv Modi of Cadila, which significantly contributed to fast growing presence of Indian pharma companies in fast growing and very lucrative Japanese generic medicine market, a strategic move by Japanese government to reduce the health care costs. Mr. Sinha also recalled the request from Japanese Science and Technology agency for other measures for cost reduction in the predominant innovation drugs sector, including direct CRO for clinical trials in India, unlike hitherto route via USA, and the subsequent role of GVK Biosciences and other leading companies of India in the process.


The forum held in Marunouchi was also attended by Ambassador Hirabayashi former Ambassador of Japan to India and member of the board of Dai Ichi Sankyo and Toshiba, a leading medical equipment manufacturer, who shared his experiences from Dai Ichi Sankyo and Ranbaxy affair.


Mr. Kikuchi Yukihiko, President of Sun and Sands Innovation, former MD of Morgan Stanley and UBS Japan, shared his experiences of managing a hospital in Japan and advising other Japanese hospital developments overseas. This was followed by Mr. Komiya Yuji President of IJPG Asia Capital and former Managing Partner of Tokio Marine Capital who also have a JV with Edelweiss on health insurance in India advised by Mr. Sinha during 2008-2010. The Forum was well attended by presidents and executives of healthcare management funds and investors and academicians including professors of Medicinal Chemistry and Regenerative Medicine from Osaka and Kyoto Universities. Leading figures from Indian healthcare industry also joined and shared their views in an interactive roundtable format. Mr. Sunil Rajput President of IJPG Kyoto Kashi working on pharmaceutical technology transfer from Japan to India, among other domains, made the closing remarks.


In a separate interview, Mr. Sinha shared that India Japan Partnership Group is at advanced stages of discussion for building hospitals in India with Japanese collaboration and also helping India Medical AI companies with market and funding in Japan.


Mr. Sinha President of India Japan Partnership Fund Group and an early stage promoter and advisor for the Indian Bullet Train Project is a prominent resident of Japan for 21 years, formerly with Goldman Sachs, Mizuho, UBS, PwC and as Chief Country Representative of Tata Asset Management and Tata Realty and Infrastructure in Japan raising a billion USD. Graduate of IIT Kanpur and now Founding President of IIT Alumni in Japan, Mr. Sinha started and significantly contributed to many bilateral initiatives as Founding President of Sun and Sands Group, President India Japan Partnership Fund, Kyoto Kashi Co, Director, Fuji Tiger Advisors, Sakura Buddha, Asia Capital, Oriental Investments, India Japan Finance and Infrastructure Research Institutes, Japan India China Biosciences Research Institute, Advisor to Nagareyama City and Kyoto University, commentator on national TV, columnist at NIKKEI and author of four best-selling books from leading publishers in Japanese on India.


Source: NV1

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