‘India Needs STEM Education Approach in Childhood Education’ – Dr. Gaurav Nigam

Dr. Gaurav Nigam, awell-known educationist, paediatrician, Founder of iCare, and Founder of Intelligentsiais advocating for implementing STEM education approach in education in the country particularly for early stage of education. Intelligentsia – the latest project initiated by Dr. Gaurav Nigam is all about scientific research and delivering early education through STEM approach.



Dr. Gaurav Nigam (Middle) with students of Intelligentsia


The STEM education approach integrates concepts that are usually taught as separate subjects in different classes and emphasizes the application of knowledge to real-life situations. A lesson or unit in a STEM class is typically based around finding a solution to a real-world problem and tends to emphasize more on project-based learning. It focuses more on learning while doing.


The STEM training makes basic scholars, builds science literacy, and empowers the up and coming era of trend-setters. We all are well aware that our future is going to witness inventions, from robots and virtual reality to driverless cars and drones. This trend is due in our country which needs a scientific approach in our education system from the early years of education.


According to Dr. Gaurav Nigam, “When scientists and scholars from well-known educational institutions have done so much of research and recommendations, then why can’t we borrow and apply it in day to day life with kids. At Intelligentsia, we strive to promote excellence and innovation in education while leveraging best practices like STEM, tools and techniques to make the process of learning fun and effective for both students and teachers. STEM approach is helping children at Intelligentsia learn in a more collaborative and practical way.”


Recently students from Intelligentsia have won national competitions which were held in New Delhi. 


About Dr. Gaurav Nigam

Dr. Gaurav Nigam is awell-known educationist, paediatrician, Founder of iCare, and Founder of Intelligentsia.He has also authored a book titled ‘Devil Inside My Mind’. Dr. Nigam gathered simplicity from Gandhian institute in Sewagram and knowledge from prestigious bodies like MGIMS, Wardha; NIMHANS, Kidwai and Harvard Medical School. He is also the founder of iCare- an organization working in the area of new-age Child Health care; and Intelligentsia, research based play School.


Source: NV1


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