India needs to up its game in Tokyo

With the Olympics just round the corner, the pressure to make an impression is mounting. The Olympics are the most important sporting event. Without a doubt, every athlete’s desire is to compete in these games at least once. Getting qualified is the first step toward realising that desire, and it is, without a doubt, one of the foundational steps.

This is a dream shared by all athletes around the world, and it is also a dream shared by Indian athletes. Every Olympics season, roughly 110-120 players from all over India qualify. Qualifying is a significant accomplishment, but it means nothing until you leave a lasting impression on the show grounds. If you do not do well during the event, you will most likely be lost among the 120 qualifying candidates. By performing well, I do not imply that the player must defeat all opponents and win. No, in my opinion, that is not the definition of improved performance.

When I say “perform well,” I’m referring to improving an individual’s performance. They are outscoring themselves. Competing against their prior greatest efforts and surpassing all of their previous selves. This may or may not result in victory; there is no guarantee, but it will undoubtedly demonstrate how much you appreciate the battlegrounds and the opportunity you have been given.

Every qualifying player must demonstrate true sportsmanship, which the nation admires and wishes to see. The Olympics is a massive platform, and as a result, the nation’s hopes are big as well. If you are one of the 120 qualified candidates picked from a population of crores, you are unquestionably the most deserving, and you are the ones bearing the nation’s hopes and dreams on your shoulders. The only way to do credit to the opportunity you’ve been given is to give it everything you’ve got and show everyone that you were the best choice and that you deserve to be recognised, whether before or after the games.

It’s pointless to just qualify if your performance is not fantastic; no one will recognise you and you’ll be forgotten in no time. All you have to do is provide something to look up to for your followers and yourself. Something that, over and over again leads to additional qualifications because, at the end of the day, it’s all about becoming the best version of yourself and leaving a legacy. We must remember that whatever qualification score brought us to this stage must be surpassed in order to prove our value during the event.

This is the main vision that will propel us forward in the public view. Regardless of how many Olympics the country has witnessed, only about 10-15 competitors have left an indelible mark on future generations. This is the direct effect of their outstanding performance. One thing that athletes should remember is that we need spectacular performances, not just high qualifying numbers. If the athlete’s performance is spectacular, he or she may even prove to be a medal contender for the country and receive a lot of praise, but it all depends on the performance. This year, I’m hoping to see some ground-breaking performances. Allow the world to remember India through the Olympics. Wishing everyone well, let us drink up the Olympic spirit and enjoy the games.


Via The Daily Guardian
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