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India records highest number of Covid deaths in a day

The perusal of the daily recorded cases of COVID 19 has highlighted the scrutiny towards a good number of four thousand five hundred and twenty-nine deaths in a single day at the country’s capital headlines.

This has led to an increase in the number of deaths in the country where the count is about two lakhs, eighty-three thousand, two hundred and forty-eight; along with the new cases of about more than two lakhs sixty-seven thousand. This had been reviewed with context to the data of the union health ministry and hence recorded as the highest number of one-day COVID deaths in the country.

However, the updated record at 8 am in the morning states the improvement in the corona cases as the new infections are found to be reduced to thirty-two lakhs twenty-six thousand seven hundred and nineteen. This is 12.66 percent of the total infections. As mentioned in the data, the fatality spike has caused an increase to 1.11 percent with the recovery rates improved to 86.23 percent.

The fatalities spike hits the five major states in the past twenty-four hours. The highest recorded cases are thirty-three thousand and fifty-nine in Tamil Nadu and then thirty-one thousand three hundred and thirty-seven in Kerala. Next comes the Karnataka with thirty thousand three hundred and nine cases followed by twenty-eight thousand four hundred and thirty-eight cases in Maharashtra. In Andhra Pradesh, the cases recorded were twenty-one thousand three hundred and twenty. They make a total of 54.05 percent of the new cases related to corona where 12.37 percent of cases came from Tamil Nadu.

It was for the first time on April twenty-one that the cases recorded had lowered to less than three lakhs but since the 12th of May, the new infections regained their strength and were over four thousand. By the 18th of May, 32,03,01,177 samples have also been tested as per the Indian Council of Medical Research.

In the second wave of COVID, the recovery process had been fastened up where there is no major halt in the recovering cases. Over two crore patients have already recovered and about three lakhs had been discharged from the hospitals as well.

Certain measures have also been taken by the prime minister of the country, which involves providing an advanced schedule of the program consulting the vaccination process, and assisting the people in all possible ways.

Like if we talk about political involvement as the rationale for one deprived of vaccines, one should let the motive off the hook to some extent. Had not we questioned ourselves when we neglected the guidelines following the concept of “That’s the last straw?” or had the dropping cases been the whole nine yards? Well, it takes two to tango so neither the black nor the white side could be preferred.

As far as the doses of vaccines are considered 18,58,09,302 shots had already been administered across the country. With a total count of 32, 26,719 active cases and more than two crore convalescence, an ironical impingement of the record-breaking mortality had surpassed the U.S. and Brazil’s good score of corona deaths in a single day. Inoculation has been very important for now as India itself had surpassed its records within three consecutive days let alone the other countries.

Supriya Rani

Intern, Goa Chronicle

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