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India, you have demolished a middle-class family: Indrajit Chakraborty

Mumbai: In a classic case of a pot calling a kettle black, Indrajit Chakraborty in an attempt to play the victim card has issued a condescension on the entire middle-class in India.

He issued a statement last night expressing anger and disappointment at the arrest of his son, Showik. Lt Col (retd) Indrajit Chakraborty said “Congratulations India, you have arrested my son, I’m sure next on the line is my daughter and I don’t know who is next thereafter. You have effectively demolished a middle-class family. But of course, for the sake of justice, everything is justified. Jai Hind.

Shockingly in a Whatsapp message Showik his son told a drug peddler,”Wanted a boom bro, dad wants… Didn’t realise his maal is over.” The peddler, in response, said that his ‘stock’ was over and promised to ‘score’ the same ‘tomorrow’.

The CBI, which is investigating the matter questioned Indrajit Chakraborty and his wife today and it is learned that they were quizzed about the said conversation of their son with a drug peddler.


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