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Indian games and Olympics- Breaking demarcation with upcoming success

India has always been among the top rank holders in Olympics and games. Our country had always set stimulating factors that could help demarcate the borders of restraint when it comes to achieving success. In the field of sports, our country has led a very puissant foundation that would always attract the youth. Apart from being a game, keeping us fit and removing our stress, sports do motivate us in many other ways also.

India has always been on the ball, come rain or shine. Recently, we all heard the story of Puja Bishnoi, a very talented, fit, and young athlete from Jodhpur, Rajasthan. She had not only made a new world record but also made the entire country proud at the age of nine. She has really set a new example for each and every individual in the field of Olympics. When it comes to games and sports, every citizen could relate to the proposition of this concept. Sports have always been very important in our lives. They have added a statement to our physical and mental health as well. The concept of the various sports and the notion of the upcoming Olympic future is pertinent. Today, one could relate to the differences in the field of games and how these differences have made a positive change. Earlier, the participation of women and girls in sports was very low. The females were bound to live and grow within the four walls of a room. Their main focus was shifted only towards doing the household chores. Women had never seen their future as an athlete and were also considered as a weak gender. But today, the notion of gender-based participation in the Olympics has changed. Now we have so many young females who go for active participation in different games. Both men and women hold an equal share in making our country proud in the Olympics and other related fields. Age, being a factor that keeps the athletic mind one step back, could no more be considered as a barrier. There is no age-limit or criteria for an individual to achieve success. There is also no limit for recurrence of the gold medals and awards as well.

Our country has set high benchmarks when it comes to sports. Athletes apart from the sports, learn sportsmanship and team-spirit. The wide arena of the games has defined team-spirit to another level. The players nowadays easily develop versatility within themselves and have an idea of the better play despite being young or less experienced. People learn unity and each member of a team needs to have an equal amount of dedication towards the game. There are many other stories where players were once determined to work hard in the field of games and today, they have not only turned up to be a brilliant player but also a good human being. One such example is that of Cristiano Ronaldo. The guy struggled a lot right from his childhood because of his alcoholic dad. After a lot of hard work, today he has set a milestone in the game of football. He had also worked for foundations and also got involved in charity work. When we talk about the game of cricket, about eighty to ninety per cent of the Indian population have a craze of cricket. Cricket is not merely a game but an emotion. The camaraderie among the players helps build the principles of their teamwork and affect the game too. In a recent test match of India vs Australia, we saw Rishabh Pant and other team members making the entire team very proud. Most of the experienced players were already hurt but still the young players did not let them down. Apart from being the “man of the match” thing, Pant proved to be the silver lining of the cloud and earned applause from the audience. The victory over Australia and that too in a stadium where the last match Australia lost was thirty-two years ago was a great milestone. The game was no more just a game but an emotion. In this way, we form an overview that gives birth to different opinions and perspectives on how various people are made to put their heads into a notion. This notion could be related to any motivation regarding participation of the youth in games, sports and even in Olympics.

Games and sports have proven to be the best and pertinent way to keep an individual healthy and fit in all sense. Dedication towards various sports by a lot of individuals have resulted in better development. The term “fitness” has now collaborated its true sense with “passion” and people involved do understand that they enjoy doing whatever sort of things they do or love playing their favourite sport. There are certain people who have their early rising contemplation as “Feeling low? Why not hit the gym then?” It might sound hilarious but hitting your knuckles on a punching bag after an argument with someone could not just be anger. Moreover, one cannot think of breaking or damaging certain things which one is not capable of. Be it a part of the sport, be it archery or be it boxing. Before being a sport, it must be our habit and habit is something which comes along with passion. Therefore, we see that there is a passion in the youth that motivates them to be a sportsperson. The inconspicuous side is that one never realizes the potential one could own or one’s mind is just too much occupied with certain thoughts.

With context to the physical and mental health, the field of sports and games has set various norms based on which India will always have a bright future, along with the participation of youth that will set more and higher benchmarks and help break the demarcation of limits and excuses regarding the Indian games and Olympics.

Supriya Rani

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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