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Indian government suspends flights from UK


New Delhi: The Indian government on Monday suspended all flights between India and the United Kingdom beginning 2359 hours Tuesday as a precautionary measure against the spread of the new mutated strand of coronavirus that has emerged in UK.

‘Considering the prevailing situation in UK. Govt. of India has decided that all flights originating from UK to India to be suspended till 31st December 2020 (23.59 hours),’ the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) tweeted.

The suspension of flights will come into effect from 2359 hours on Tuesday (December 22) and flights from India to the United Kingdom will also remain temporarily suspended during the same period, the Ministry added.

‘This suspension to start w.e.f. 23.59 hours, 22nd December 2020. Consequently, flights from India to UK shall stand temporarily suspended during the above said period,’ the MoCA said.

The Ministry also announced that passengers who are arriving in India from the UK in all transit flights that arrive in India before 2359 hours on Tuesday, will have to take RT-PCR test on their arrival at the concerned airports here, as part of the precaution measure.

‘As a measure of abundant precaution, passengers arriving from UK in all transit flights (flights that have taken off or flights which are reaching India before 22nd Dec at 23.59 hrs) should be subject to mandatory RT-PCR test on arrival at the airports concerned.’

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had earlier in the day urged the central government to ban all flights from the UK immediately in view of the new mutation of Coronavirus that had emerged in UK.

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