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Indian Missions in UAE have started issuing ‘Good Conduct Certificates’

The Indian missions in the UAE have started issuing Good Conduct Certificate to visit visa holders who have received job offers here, Gulf News reported.

The certificate issued by the missions is referred to as the Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) which is currently accepted by the UAE authorities as the requirement for an employment visa from February 4.

The missions have made a “stopgap arrangement” to accept PCC applications from job seekers holding visit visas to meet the requirement of Good Conduct Certificate for UAE employment visas, Vipul, Consul-General of India in Dubai, told the Gulf News national daily.

Earlier, Indians who are on visit visa in the UAE had to either go back home or authorise someone on their behalf to process the PCC from India even if they had job offers here.
Explaining the change in stand, Vipul said the Indian officials decided to ease the burden on Indian nationals though the missions do not encourage Indians to come on visit visas to look for jobs.

“This is purely a stopgap arrangement. Till the time things become completely clear on the GCC issue, we are trying to give PCC to those who have come to the UAE and have got an employment offer here.”

It is compulsory for the applicants seeking the PCC to provide the offer letter attested from the Chamber of Commerce in the emirate where the company is located and a copy of the trade licence of the employer.

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