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Indian Youth Congress to conduct grass root level membership drive

The Indian Youth Congress (IYC) will launch a grassroot level membership drive in Goa on March 15 till April 5 in view of its upcoming internal elections.
Paresh Dhanani, general secretary of the All India Youth Congress Committee (IYC) and in charge of Goa said, “The IYC is undergoing a transformation through the process of open membership, internal elections, code of conduct, professional training, nationwide programmes, and performance management.”

Having started two years ago in Punjab, this brain child of Rahul Gandhi has come to Goa will give every member a chance to become a leader and establish himself in the political landscape.
Goa Pradesh Congress Committee president Sankalp Amonkar said, “We insist that all applicants between the age of 18-35 bring along their address and photo identify proof at the polling booths that will be set up across the state. There is an annual subscription fee of 15 and 5 for women and members of marginalized communities. IYC President Rajeev Satav attached to Rahul Gandhi will visit Goa around March 15.”

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