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India’s Detached Part Found Near Antarctica


A part of India which was detached from the mainland of India millions of years ago has been discovered submerged in the southern part of the Indian Ocean near Antarctica.
Indian scientists have discovered this land which lies submerged below the sea 1000 kms away from Eastern Antarctica.
The scientists revealed that this part was detached from eastern region of the country between Orissa and Andhra Pradesh.
This study which has been done by scientists from National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) and Ahemadabad-based Space Application Centre (SAC) has been carried by science journals.  The scientists have proved that this has been the result of the ancient geographical process. The scientists from the US, India and Australia have jointly decided to reconstruct the entire history of how this continent detached from India.

One of the NIO scientists K Sree Krishna who was involved with this project informed that the area of the continent is 140,000 sq kms area and is 1,200 metres below the sea level.
This research by scientists from NIO and SAC describes how India was first separated from Gondwanaland and then lost the Elan bank. India separated from Gondwanaland about 130 million years ago and drifted northward to eventually collide with Asia some 40 million years ago.


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