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Indo jazz music festival on Sunday

Music lovers have a lot in store this Sunday, 10th October when Pandit Ravindra Chary takes the stage in an Indo Jazz fusion concert to be held at the Kala Academy. Held in honor of his late father Pandit Prabhakar Chary, the artistes joining him onstage are Merlin de Souza, Vivienne Pocha, Sheldon D’Silva and Satyajit Talwalkar to mention a few.

“The artistes performing at this event are internationally renowned as they have performed in gigs worldwide. However the spell biding response from the Goan audiences was really incredible the last time and we are back this year,” said Pandit Chari while stating that he expected the same if not a more enthusiastic response from music lovers in Goa.

The concert fuses both Indian and Western strains to give it a contemporary feel that everyone can relate to. “It’s a blend of the Indian classical and jazz with influences of each artiste’s unique style, skill and virtuosity. The band comes together to unravel and energize music that takes you on a journey of world influences,” he said

Chary recalled that his father, always showed an active interest in western classical music. An acclaimed tabla maestro, he was involved in various western forms of music and thereby engaged in various different projects. He was also a keen listener to various forms of world music.” Hence holding an indo jazz fusion is really in a true sense, a tribute to his soul which is eternal,” he concludes.

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