Industrialist Shri Sanjay Dalmia Celebrated Holi with Differently-abled Children at his Residence

Renowned industrialist, Shri Sanjay Dalmia organized a Holi event at his residence for differently-abled children. Popular for his philanthropy, he celebrated Holi with the students and teachers of Masoom – his school for training the under-privileged and mentally challenged children.



Shri Sanjay Dalmia Celebrated Holi with Differently-abled Children


The event witnessed the participation of a number of students and teachers with a lot of zeal, fervour and enthusiasm. It covered a series of fun-filled sessions like singing, music, dancing, Holika bonfire, food and gift distribution.


My heart swells with pride when I see the latent potential in these specially-abled children,” said Mr. Dalmia.


He believes that the greatest gift you could give someone is the gift of knowledge. Through this noble initiative – Masoom – Sanjay Dalmia strives to ensure the welfare of underprivileged sections of the society, and give wings to their dreams. His primary vision behind promoting this organization was to support the special children who were often seen as a burden to their own parents. The initiative started initially with eight mentally-challenged children in Timarpur, Delhi. At present, it works under the Organization of Understanding and Fraternity.


Owing to the persistent efforts of Sanjay Dalmia, Masoom now has 80 special children who have been acquiring skills to express themselves. These children excel in the diverse fields such as singing, dancing, folk music, painting, yoga & sports, and even professional crafts like weaving and sewing.


The septuagenarian nationalist firmly believes that children are the future of a nation. It is their skills, efficacy and capabilities which stimulate the development of a new era in the long run. While on one hand, we have children living a lavish life, on the other spectrum are kids who can’t even afford the basic requirements of living. However, when we actually think about it, majority of us do want to make a difference but usually get stuck on the ‘how‘ part. Masoom is one such organization, which goes the extra mile to safeguard the future of differently-abled children.


According to Mr. Dalmia, these specially blessed children have an enormous zeal to prove their mettle, irrespective of their age and disability. This is one of the major reasons why Masoom has been committed to the overall development as well as the welfare of special children. It encourages healthy habits in children, whilst further teaching them social interaction and skill development as well.

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