Industrialists are growth engines of the country: PM Modi

Lucknow, Jul 29(UNI) Hitting out hard at the Congress and other opposition parties, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday fully defended the industrialists and claimed that he is not shy in standing with them, who are the growth engine of the country.

“We have just four years of rule in the country but those who ruled for 70 years, had always met the industrialists in close door and did not make anything public. We are not those who are shy of standing along with industrialists when we are fully clean but you will not find a picture of them( opposition) with industrialists,” the Prime Minister said while addressing the gathering on the occasion of the ground breaking ceremony to lay the foundation of 81 industrial projects worth over Rs 60,288 crore here in the presence of top industrialists, Union Ministers and others.

“I have all the information, who gave them aircraft and other things and how these industrialists have bowed down at their residences. Now they are terming them as ‘lootera’ and ‘chor’ and insulting them,” he disclosed.

The Prime Minister said,”even Gandhi ji was not shy of staying at Birla place but there must be something fishy about their close door meetings.”

“From a farmer to labourer to industrialist all are contributing in India’s growth story and insulting the industrialists would do nothing good. Yes, if they do wrong they will be behind bars or will have to flee from the country,” he said.

The comment of the Prime Minister seems to be a reply against Congress president Rahul Gandhi on his attack on some industrialists.

The Prime Minister, also referred to former Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh, who was sitting along with Bollywood filmmaker Boney Kapoor, said,”Mr Amar Singh would be knowing all the details how the politicians used the industrialists.”

Modi lauded the UP government for the achievement and said probably the state government doesn’t
realises the great work they have done in such a short span of time.’Rs 60,000 crore in five months time is a great figure of investment. It is not a ground breaking ceremony but a record breaking function,” he claimed.

“People are calling this event a ground-breaking ceremony. But I call this a record-breaking ceremony. The manner in which development works have been carried out in such a short span of time and old methods have been changed, was never seen before in UP,” he claimed.

The PM further announced that the achievement has brought UP in the top of the states of the country and said that very soon the state would cross the one trillion dollar economy.

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