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Inflation is better for the people: Union Minister Beni Prasad Verma

In what can be turned as a complete lack of sensitivity and further insult to rising burden of the ‘comman man’ in India on account of the inflation which the UPA-II has not been able to keep in control. Union Steel Minister – a representative of the UPA government – stated that ‘inflation is better for the people of the country’

The comment has shocked many especially at a time, when the UPA government has been continuously losing face and support of the people of this country on account of issues of massive corruption at all levels, rising inflation and the falling rupee against the dollar, indicating a declining  economy not progressive economy in India.

Opposition parties have decided to take the UPA government to task on the issue, stating that the comments of a senior Cabinet minister only indicates that the strategy of the government appears to be favouring inflation rather than doing anything to bring it under control.


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