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Influential People Scuttling Nadia Probe: Crime Branch

The Crime Branch in an affidavit filed before the Supreme Court pleaded that influential people in Goa are scuttling the probe into the unnatural death of Nadia Torrado who was acknowledged to be a close family friend of former Tourism Minister Micky Pacheco.
The 14-page affidavit, according to reports in the local media, was filed in connection with the bail application moved by Lyndon Monteiro who was the personal assistant to Micky then and is also one of the main accused in the case.

The Crime Branch pleaded with the Apex Court to be excused from giving details of the investigations at this stage as it would hamper their investigations by forewarning those involved about the progress made.
Investigating officers have hit a dead end as all their efforts to retrieve Nadia’s mobile phone, her laptop and even the tube of the poison that she reportedly consumed have failed and are now hoping to retrieve these items from Lyndon Monteiro who was closely monitoring the developments soon after Nadia was moved to the hospital.

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