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Initial probe implicates Pakistan Army in Jammu IAF Station blasts

The National Investigative Agency (NIA) has begun its investigation of the two blasts inside the Jammu Air Force station on Saturday night. According to sources, the initial probe suggests a Pakistani link to the terror blasts.

Evaluation of the pieces recovered from the explosives used at the Jammu IAF station point towards the role of the Pakistan Army in the terror attacks. These pieces are metal covered and of equal size. They look like ball bearings which should be mixed with gunpowder only in a specific explosive unit.

After studying these pieces, it has been found that they are very sharp and intended to create more damage after the blast. Sources from the investigating agencies say that these explosives could be prepared only in an Ordnance Factory, attached to the military. These pieces have been sent to a special laboratory for metallurgy test to know which other metals have been used in it.

About 3 kg RDX was used in the blast; they were divided into two equal parts and fitted in both the drones—i.e., one-and-a-half kg RDX in each drone. The way in which the explosives were prepared, using fine technology, suggests its foreign origins; explosives of this type of combination are not made in India.

A senior officer associated with an intelligence agency said in a conversation with The Daily Guardian that in the blasts inside the Jammu Air Force station, the terrorists used an ‘impact bomb’, which is an explosive that explodes as soon as it comes to the ground or surface. However, the sample is still being examined in the forensic lab.

According to the agencies, the pieces of the drone have not been recovered from the spot. They believe that drones flying at low altitude must have been used to avoid radar detection.

Meanwhile, a drone from Pakistan entered the Indian territory at the International Border (IB) in the Arnia area of Jammu district on Friday morning, said the Border Security Force (BSF). After BSF jawans opened fire, they flew back into Pakistani territory, officials said.

According to the BSF, the alert personnel fired at a small Hexa-copter belonging to Pakistan on Friday morning at about 04: 25 am as it was trying to cross IB in the Arnia sector.

“Due to the firing, it returned immediately. It was meant for carrying out surveillance of the area,” BSF officials were quoted as saying.

Since last week, at least five drone activities have been reported in Jammu.

On the intervening night of 27-28 June, alert troops successfully thwarted two drone activities near Ratnuchak-Kaluchak Military Station along the Jammu-Pathankot national highway, an Army official informed. On Sunday morning, two blasts were carried out by drones in the technical area of Jammu Air Force Station. One of the blasts caused minor damage to the roof of a building while the other exploded in an open area, the IAF informed. No damage to any equipment was reported. However, two personnel suffered minor injuries.


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