Institute of Product Leadership Showcases the Importance of Story-Telling in Corporate World

Bangalore-based Institute of Product Leadership (IPL) held the finals of the second chapter of its Shareathon, Shareathon 2018. It was a gameshow with skill-building, more than just entertainment, organised by the Institute of Product Leadership (IPL).  


The Winning Team with Winner’s Trophy and the Winner Karthi Subbaraman


It had judges from the Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore, Myntra and Institute of Product Leadership (IPL) along with a live audience poll picking the winner. There were 10 story-tellers as finalists with a wild card entry and Karthi Subbaraman was adjudged the “Best Business Story Teller“.


The IPL believes that many professionals are good with logic and data-driven presentations but they often lack the ability to tell a story. The festival was an attempt to build the ecosystem with this very critical skill. Shareathon is a first of it’s kind open, public-speaking (TED-type) platform for people to showcase their leadership skills by story-telling and ideas that they believe in. To be at the event, one needs to get votes to speak at the event. 


As India aspires to step into the shoes of China as a manufacturing super-power, India would need the right people with the requisite communication skills to reach that goal. 


This was the message that emerged at the finale of Shareathon 2018, a unique Business Storytelling Festival which was a competition for the students of IPL testing their story-telling skills.


The event, a test of the story-telling and presentation skills of students of IPL, saw 11 of them competing for the coveted prize. Karthi Subbaraman came up trumps with her gripping story-telling style, after a gruelling competition that had a three-member jury scrutinizing every aspect of the presentations in the finals. The Story-Telling Festival had started with 32 students, which was whittled down to 11 for the finale that was held at CMRIT in Bangalore.


The competition had been in the works for many months now, with the participants being put through multiple rounds with each round seeing the number of participants coming down.


Shaleel Nalakath, Leadership Coach, and one of the jury members, during his talk at the event, said, “Many people make it to the boards of companies by their sheer hard work. But, they do not know to articulate themselves and so fail to win over the clients from the West.”  “To be leaders, they have the opportunity. But fail for want of a few skills“, he added.


On the event, Pinkesh Shah, Co-founder and Director of Programs, Institute of Product Leadership, said, “This is the second chapter of Shareathon. We intend to make it an annual event and we will make it an inter-corporate event. It would be between the employees of the companies.”


The Indian IT industry which has largely been outsourcing-oriented, over, the last decade has been evolving towards product creation. Yet, there remains a gross lack of Indian technology products in the global technology space.


About IPL

The Institute of Product Leadership was born in conjunction with the Executive Product Industry Council (EPIC), a group of elite product leaders who currently drive product innovation from India in global companies. The EPIC board, along with the Board of Academics and Research (BAR), distinguished Executive Coaches and Faculty, provide advice on the productizing of new technologies and ideas, devise programs that enable technology leaders to graduate from being code-centric to customer-centric and also help the engineering centers in Asia nurture the next generation of product leaders.


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