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Interrogate Kavlekar: UTAA

United Tribals Alliance Association (UTAA) on Saturday demanded that MLA Chandrakant alias Babu Kavlekar be interrogated in connection with the 25th May incident at Balli.
UTAA President Prakash Velip demanded that the telephone records of Kavlekar should be checked for the calls made and received on 25th May to probe his role in the incident that left two tribals dead.

Velip along with MLA Ramesh Tawadkar alleged “political interference” in the investigations of the death of the two tribals and pointed out that even 23 days after the heinous act, police have not made much headway in pinning the culprits.
They also pointed out that the suspects in burning the Adarsh building where the two youth were burnt to death, were Kavlekar’s workers.
While lamenting that no headway has been made in booking the murderers of the tribals, they said tribals are being harassed by the police and demanded that the murder investigations should be completed in eight days.
They also revealed that while the two youngsters were burnt one beyond recognition, the purse carried by one of them was intact and even the papers in the purse were not burnt.
Velip said how the photograph, currency notes and even papers in the purse remained intact while the person carrying the purse was burnt to death, remains a mystery to them.
He accused the police of trying to protect those responsible for the death of the two youth and said UTAA would take up this matter with the Governor Dr. S S Sidhu and even the National Human Rights Commission.


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