Exclusive Interview – Scarlett Rose

GoaChronicle.com in conversation with Scarlett Rose, Goa’s upcoming model and current heartthrob on the popular MTV India show Splitsvilla…


Q1. Tell us about yourself and how your journey to fame began? 

I started with Miss Goa , Just to try My Luck & I Ended up Winning a crown, & then More Crowns , Then Shoots, Shows, Newspapers, Magazines, Music Videos & Now My Life is On The Go all the Time, Flight after Flight, Shoots, Tv, Press, Media.  Im loving it!

Q2. How do you keep fit? Do you have a personal trainer?

Keeping Fit is what I try, Because that is A Task for me, Cos I Loveee Food 😀 Food is my Weakness But yes, I eat well & workout extra, I Run on the Beach , Play basketball, Football whenever I Can. & Gym When I need to.

Q3. How do you handle the stress of it all? 

Smile, Be happy, Think positive, Eat well, Sleep well , Music & Be around good company. For me, My Friends are my stress Busters. Another Practice I Follow : I go to the spa every week, It helps me Relax, rejuvenate, Feel good & tranquil. “Look Good, Feel Good” is my Motto. 

Q4. What is your philosophy on diet? 

I don’t diet, so I’d advice to do the same. “There is no diet that will do what Healthy Diet does”. Eat healthy & exercise is a better practice. I live to Eat. You live only once, Eat what you Love & Love What you eat! so why diet?

Q5. Any holiday eating tips? 

Eat small quantities, More often. Try out new food, new cuisines, Explore & End of the holiday : Detox!

Q6. What do you wish you had known before you started doing MTV Splitsvilla? 

That I would need a Gallon of Sunscreen , because I got tanned & Sun Burnt so bad. I like the tan, Being brown is sexy, But the Burn, really burn. & another thing: That the girl contestants would be more difficult to deal with, compared to the male contestants. 

Q7. Looking back on what you have accomplished so far, what is one thing you would change if you could, knowing what you do now?

 I wouldn’t want to change anything. I am happy & self contended with whatever i have done & whatever i achieved … Hard work surely has it benefits. Do good, & Good will comes to you. & whatever has to happy will happen at the right time, I Believe in Destiny.

Q8. Can you talk about how you landed on MTV Splitsvilla and a bit about the interview process? 

I got a Call from MTV. I was hesitant because My Hindi wasn’t fluent & a reality show may look very easy, but from what Ive heard, its a test to your physical, mental & emotional strength & you are surrounded by cameras all day long. But I took it up as a challenge & replied to them. I was asked to send a video where I was given a set of questions & I answered them. I had a meeting with them & next thing I know I got a congratulatory Mail, with my packing list & my air tickets.

Q9. Any behind-the-scenes anecdotes you would like to share?

1 thing that was a little Amusing yet scary was that I was in every dumping Zone, so I had to pack all my bags , Head to the dumping ground. & On every dumping ground i would be standing, almost ready to go home, as Shravan was the king , & he was trying to remove me from day1. & Luck used to be my friend, the Book of Fortune my Best Friend & My Friends use to Save me.

Q10. Who is your favourite co-participant in both male and female in the villa and why?

Thats a tough choice to make, But at the end of the show, I became friends with everybody But from the Male Contestant: My Personal Favorites are Ashwini, Ayaz, Abhishek , & Rishab & From the girls: Sanjana & me were the closest (inspite of her taking away Ashwini ) 

Q11. Whom do you despise the most in the Villa?

Dana , She played the maximum games & bad mouthed & bitched about me, while i was always sweet & helpful to her. 

Q12. How was your experience working with Sunny Leone and Nikhil? 

Sunny is an amazing person, A Strong Woman, So lady-like , So graceful , Yet so down to earth. Sunny was really friendly , she taught us a lot from lessons, to how to respect the crew to how to have a perfect date 😉 whereas Nikhil Chinapa is a Perfect Definition for “A Gentleman “. He has earned his respect. One thing to learn from him is Discipline, “How he deals with situations & his tolerance level & His patience is commendable”. 

Q13. Are you proud of your achievements till date? Any personal ambitions yet unattained? 

Yes i am Proud & Happy with whatever I have achieved. Some time back i had some dreams like I wanted to be a Good Model, Be on newspapers, Magazines, International Music Video, Come on TV, Be on a billboard & Now it has all come true , not just once but numerous times. So now i am working on my next to-do list.

Q14. Are there any new projects you’re working on that you can talk about?

For now, I cant really mention so shall surprise you’ll… All i can say is ” You shall see me more often on TV.

Q15. What is your favorite healthy meal? 

Chicken Salads

Q16. Any favorite guilt-indulgence? 

Chocolate, More Chocolate & Lots of Chocolate! 

Q17. What is the best asset of your body? 

Personally I feel My Whole Body is an asset 

Q18. What are your future plans? 

Bollywood & Hollywood 

Q19. What do you want our readers to know about you that they couldn’t find out from seeing you on stage or in print?

I like simple pleasures of Life, I Love Travelling, Holidays, Shopping. I Love Speed. If not a model, maybe I would be a racer.

Q20. Any message for our readers and your fans? 

Thank You all for supporting me from the beginning. Where i have reached today is because of my hard work, dedication, & love for my work, but 1 major reason is cos of my Family, friends and fans. For all the love & support you all have given me. Continue to do so. I need you all & Love You all!


Photo Credit – Digvijay Goswami

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