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IPL 2021 uninterrupted even during the deadly second wave of COVID in the nation

IPL 2021 is going on like a Roman circus, a distraction.

“IPL in this pandemic is performing the same role as of those violin players in the sinking Titanic- Distracting a doomed country!” tweeted a user on Twitter.

 It is no news that India is battling the second-worst COVID-19 outbreak breathless, with far lesser resources and facilities. The nation has also been feeling the weight of the collapse of the healthcare system in more ways than one. While this is a grim reality for most of the citizens struggling to find beds, oxygen, and medicines in hospitals, there is another contrasting reality that is ironic. If you haven’t noticed it among the ghastly headlines, the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021 is underway.

Even India’s well-established media publication, Indian Express said on Sunday they had suspended its IPL coverage, while hundreds of fans lambasted the league on social media.  The newspaper said this is a “small gesture towards keeping the nation’s attention focused on life and death issues”, given that India is going through its worst phase of the pandemic.

 Australia’s Adam Gilchrist took Twitter to express his best wishes to India. He tweeted, “Best wishes to India. Frightening Covid numbers. IPL continues. Inappropriate? Or an important distraction each night? Whatever your thoughts prayers are with you.”


IPL, one of the primary sources of capital for the economy

IPL brings in a lot of revenue to the economy of our country. According to the data obtained by the BCCI, in 2015, the IPL contributed Rs. 11.5 billion to India’s GDP. While the IPL has increased the BCCI revenues, it also resulted in greater tax contributions, which means higher government revenues. BCCI has paid around Rs 3,500 crore as tax since the financial year 2007 – 2008.

In 2020 India’s gross domestic product (GDP) contracted by a record 23.9 percent during April-June on account of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

RBI Governor, Shaktikanta Das used the cricketing terminology to explain the process of economic recovery as against the V, U, L, W, or even K-shaped recovery being suggested by the economists and other experts. His use of terminologies popular in the cricketing arena also comes when the Indian Premier League 2020 (IPL) was progressing.

Since the IPL earns a lot through the sponsorship of Vivo, MPL, there is a greater income available to purchase cricketers. The cricketers earn their revenues based on how much they are bought during the auctions. The money a player can earn here can even be greater than what the player could earn playing for the national teams.

 To sum it all up, IPL has an enormous impact on the Indian economy as it produces numerous employment opportunities, from gatekeeper to player on the field, and is India’s biggest sports event.

 While many across the country are expressing their strong opinions about the ongoing IPL matches with no interruptions. It has been an event with a positive outlook and a major source of entertainment for people around the nation. All COVID norms are sincerely being followed by all members involved in this extravagant event. IPL is a silver lining diverting the nation’s attention from its deteriorating condition.

Pratheeksha Pawaskar

Intern, Goa Chronicle Law student, University of Mysore. Criminal Psychology and Constitutional Law are subjects of my personal interest. More of a “Philomath” (sucker for knowledge) with a great sense of humour. Always standing up for what is right.

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