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IPS Officer, Gaurav Singh posted back in Nashik

Palghar: Palghar District Superintendent of Police Gaurav Singh, who was sent on compulsory leave in lynching case of Sadhus on April 16, has been reinstated.

Now, he has been posted as the Police Superintendent at Maharashtra Police Academy at Nashik on Wednesday. This is one among the set of 23 orders issued on that day by the department.

The state government has posted Dattatreya Shinde, IPS as the new District Superintendent of Police in place of Singh in Palghar.

On April 16, during lockdown, the two sadhus from Mumbai were on their way to Surat to attend the funeral of another sadhu at Gadchinchale village, within the limits of the Kasa police station, when an irate mob of hundreds of armed villagers lynched them along with another person.

The victims were mistaken as child thieves and organ harvesters.The issue rocked the entire country with several organizations and even UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath pointing fingers at the Uddhav Thackeray-led government, alleging failure.

The state government handed over the probe into the case to the State CID Crime branch.At that time the then-District Superintendent of Police Gaurav Singh was sent on forced leave while the then Chief of the Police Station Anandrao Kale and two other officers and more than 35 policemen from the police station were transferred.

The police arrested a total of 165 in the case, including 11 juveniles. Of them 28 adults and nine juveniles have been let off for want of sufficient proof. As a result of which now 126 adults and two juveniles are facing the trial.

Meanwhile, there has been persistent demand from several quarters for a CBI probe into the matter which is still pending with the Apex court.

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