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Is a petition going to filed challenging the Shah Commission Report?

Highly placed sources that attended the meeting held earlier this week between the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar and some prolific mining companies owners at the CM’s residence revealed that a relevant part of the discussion oscillated around the point of the veracity of the date revealed in the Shah Commission report thereby questioning its authenticity. It was also decided that a complaint or petition ought to be filed in the court of law and with concerned government authorities challenging the report.

Sources reveal that amongst the mining companies owners attending the high-powered meeting were Audhut Timblo, Anil Salgaonkar and also representatives of GMOEA. The decision taken by the state to stop mining activities and the subsequent decision of the Centre to suspend all environmental clearances of mines in Goa has brought the mining operations in the state to a virtual stand-still.

Serious attempts are being made by the mining lobby, including representatives of the mining-affected people to resolve the State-Centre tussle on the issue and many feel if an action challenging the SC report itself is taken, it might assist in providing some context to challenge both the state and Centre decision, especially if the veracity of the SC report is proved to be questionable. has learnt that a complaint or petition is expected to be filed shortly challenging the SC report, this however, is expected to be done by mining-affected people as the face with the mining companies providing the back-up support.

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