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Is Centre confused on the Myanmar ‘Emails’ and Assam ‘SMS’?

The tension surrounding the Bodo-Muslim community violence in Assam and its trigger effect that was felt in Maharashta, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh continues to remain sensitive with the Centre going aggressive on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and SMS/MMS services. So far the government has blocked 310 sites allegedly dissipating hate mail and posts targeting atrocities towards the Muslim community.

Government sources have revealed to that while most of the inflammatory content on the blocked web pages have been posted by Pakistan’s internet community, this content has got little connection to what is going on in Assam. Most of the web-pages talk about the alleged persecution of the Muslim community in Myanmar. also received a email of the alleged Myanmar atrocities from a member of a Muslim organisation Goa unit. The government report clearly states that through morphed images and doctored videos, these web pages seek to present a mischievous situation of the oppression of Muslims in the region.

The main scare or trigger effect according to the Central Intelligence agencies to the people of the North-East mainly came from text and multi-media messages on cellphones. In fact  out of the 310 web pages that government had blocked, not more than one-fifth contained any reference to the people of North-East or the recent violence in Assam as detailed in a confidential report to the Centre.
“Only a couple of the blocked web pages have been found to contain images or videos of the recent violence in Assam,” revealed a government source.

Intelligence sources also reveal that a couple of these web pages have domain names similar to two Pakistani political groups Jamaat-e-Islami and Tehreek-e-Insaf, though it is not confirmed whether these parties have anything to do with these pages.

Popular Front of India (PFI) has also been put under a further scanner by the Intelligence agencies as the organisation along with terrorist group HuJI are being suspected of a possible involvement in spreading communally-charged SMSs and internet postings. Investigators suspect that specific threat of retribution for atrocities on the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar may well be the result of the coordinated effort of HuJI which has a strong pressence in Bangladesh. Investigators also suspect that some of the people people rounded up in Maharashta and Karnataka for circulating ‘hate messages’ maybe members or sympathisers of the PFI.

While it is evidently clear that there appears to be foreign influence in escalating the issue to other parts of the country and also working to create a sense of despondency amongst the Muslims in the country taking the Assam issue as a cue, it is shocking and even disturbing to note that the Centre appears to be allowing itself to be confused on the ‘Myanmar Emails’ rather than address the real issue of the people of Assam, which has been going on for over two decades. The increase in Bangladeshi migrants is a serious threat to the people of India living in Assam. In fact a senior Congress leader, who had a role to play in the North-East and Assma revealed under anonymity what has been known all along but not mentioned that it is the vote-bank politics of the party that has seen the rise of the Bangladeshi migrants. Thus creating an opportunity for foreign sources to incite Muslim community across the country based on the clashes of the Bangladeshi migrant Muslim community and Assamese-Indians.

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