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Is Digambar Kamat going bring Congress back in Goa?

The Congress in Goa has seen an opportunity to dent BJP in Goa and capture the government. Chief Minister’s Manohar Parrikar’s illness and a storm brewing in BJP between leaders belonging to the Bahujan Samaj (BS) and Goud Saraswat Brahmins (GSBs) over the probable Chief Minister replacement in the state appears to have moved the Congress into top gear with some parlance already taking place.

Leading the team is none other than Former Chief Minister Digambar Kamat of the Congress who has reportedly met with the top leader Ramakrishna (Sudin) Dhavlikar of the MGP – who also holds the PWD portfolio in the BJP-MGP-GFP alliance – at the Minister’s residence in Altinho, Panjim today.

Interestingly, Kamat has reportedly also meet with Independent MLA Prasad Gaonkar today.

Though the contents of the discussions during the meetings are not known to We have learned through informed sources in Goa and Delhi that Congress will go all out to make use of the absence of Parrikar to take back power position in Goa.

Congress currently has 16 seats and is the single-largest party in Goa. It would require 5 more seats to form the government. For that it would require either Goa Forward or MGP. And post that two Independents. has also learned that Congress in Goa might even consider doing a ‘Karnataka-like’ strategy in Goa and make Sudin Dhavlikar of MGP as the Chief Minister, but AICC might not agree to this plan in Goa.

More importantly, Digambar Kamat comes from the GSB community that often controls the outcome of the Chief Minister’s position as past trends in Goa indicate over the last ten years.

But the real question is whether the mice will be able to play while the cat is away or will they be fighting over the cheese.

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