It was a desire to have her own home that pulled this victim into the tempting well paid job of dancing in a casino in Goa, where she realized that she has been sold into forced commercial sex activity.

It requires courage to walk out of a cage to freedom. The self rescued victim of commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking dared to escape. She thought that narrating her harrowing experience to the police at Mapusa Police Station would provide succour and solace and that the other 3 girls still in the brothel keeper’s custody would be rescued. Little did she know that the pervert in police uniform – a cop attached to the Mapusa Police Station would force her to provide oral sex to his perverted libido. It is thanks to the suo moto cognizance of her statement taken by the DGP with a brother’s heart, immediately after it was brought to his notice that paved the way for justice to work for her.

This is the first time that the police machinery has worked with lightening speed to arrest those who caged this victim as well as the woman pimp who sold her to that cage and rescued another victim in who was in their custody.

One has to give credit to the cleverness and daring with which the SDPO North and the PI Pernem along with their team closed the net around a woman from Nalasopara. Nalasopara in Mumbai is thickly populated and it is difficult to apprehend anyone there. This woman who has been trafficking victims to Goa for sex trade had never before been apprehended although her trips here have trafficked another over 25 women into forced commercial activity. Why are these steps initiated after every raid?

It is not enough to arrest or suspend a police man; the purpose is to give justice to the victim. To take the case to its logical end there should be no stone unturned to book each and everyone involved and to present a full proof charge sheet. To my mind a cop who has abused his position by committing rape of a human being in custody should get the punishment he deserves. His punishment has to be all the more stringent for rape and worse still for having abused the one who he is paid to protect. There are no convictions due to police indifference.

There was a policewoman present in the jeep when this victim was told to locate the place from where she escaped and she couldn’t. She was not only molested by the same cop but beaten as well by him. The policewoman is present to protect the victim women. Then why her silence? And why has she not been booked?

There was another policeman both in the jeep which took her in search of her cage as well while the “Act” was being performed by the danda wielding lusty cop. Why did he not inform his higher ups even the next day? Why has he not been booked?  This incident throws light on the happenings at police stations. It is the innate modesty of woman that prevents her from speaking about her abuse at police stations in custody or elsewhere. Goa can be safe for women if a deep cleaning takes place both at police stations as well as in the mental makeup of cops. The police have to remember that times have changed and their allegiance to some politically influential persons may not protect them when they abuse the law.

Trafficking is a curse. If police are determined to prevent the trafficking of women from poverty stricken homes, the source points have to be blocked. The beat police, railway police are well aware of girls being brought in but due to the ‘hafta’ they receive, they remain silent. The entry points if watched, much of this activity will come to halt. The unsurplous touts, some taxi drivers, the hotels that let out their premises and the gharwallis who have settled down in luxurious apartments here at the cost of human flesh sale.

As a preventive measure all illegally run dance bars, massage parlors need to be closed down. The third gender is also being trafficked to Goa as we have no law to protect or punish them. In the dance bars, pubs, discos there are a large numbers of the third gender whose abusers go scot free as there are no doctors available to examine them if rescued, no place in jails especially for them if arrested for soliciting nor is there a rehabilitation centre for them. Therefore commercial sexual activity by the third gender plays an unprevented part in our State. The sensitivity of the citizen to what is happening and the timely actions to be taken for its spread all over the State is almost zero. Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

We hope that police have opened their eyes to the fact that permitting mafia like existence can also cause physical harm to one of their kind as was done to PSI from Calangute.

There are hordes of tourists waiting in queue outside a certain massage parlor in and around Calangute.  The police Intelligence should inform them what goes on inside that make the tourist spend so much time outside to have themselves massaged? There are massage parlours in the State from where they come but massage at this parlour by untrained women seems to work magic for them. All massage parlours need to be investigated. Government needs to shut down the dance bars immediately. If the government is serious about cross border/country trafficking then these places where exploitation abuse and soliciting takes place have to go…

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