Is Goa breeding Child Rapists?

GoaChronicle highlights a recent survey conducted by a Bangalore-based Cyber Ethics organisation. The results indicate an alarming rate of viewing of violent pornography by under-graduates in Goa…

On January 14, 2013 a seven-year old girl was raped inside the Mormugao Port Trust (MPT) managed Deepvihar School. The alleged rapist according to Goa Police and CBI is a youth aged between 22-26 years in age. Till today the rapist has not be nabbed and neither the reason from the heinous crime is known.

RESCUE – a Cyber Ethics organisation that conducts awareness programs and surveys in hundreds of schools and colleges across South India, conducted a survey in Goa in which ten different colleges participated. 200 male under-graduates were a interviewed during the course of the survey.

The purpose of the survey was to map the extent of pornography viewing amongst the students in colleges in Goa. Students were selected on basis of clusters (one class per college).

Here are the shocking results of that survey:

1. 80 per cent of the under-graduates interviewed watched pornographic films on the internet regularly.

2. 40 per cent of the under-graduates watched pornographic movies with rape (popularly known as rape pornography).

3. The undergraduates on an average watched 28 rape pornography films per week.

4. A shocking figure of 86,000 rapes in pornographic films were watched per day by College and Higher Secondary school boys.

5. 55 per cent pornographic films on the Internet are of Rape Pornography.

6. 76 per cents of the under-graduates said that watch rape pornography leads to the desire to actually rape.

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