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Is Goa Chief Minister bigger than Rahul Gandhi?

If statements can be considered to be indicates of power centres then the current statement of the Chief Minister Digambar Kamat ‘Nobody can dare deny Vijai Sardesai a ticket’ in support of the aspiring Congress candidate has come as a shocker to many in the political circles as it directly questions the recommendation of Congress Prime Ministerial candidate in-waiting Rahul Gandhi.

As part of getting Youth Congress leaders to make a transition to state-level assembly politics, Rahul Gandhi has been aggressively promoting youth candidates in different state elections. In Goa too Rahul Gandhi’s office had recommended the names of the former Youth President Sankalp Amonkar and current Youth President Pratima Coutinho. However, the latter had been requested to step aside in order to accommodate a candidate of the Muslim community in Fatorda.

Political lobbies favoring the Congress aspirant Vijai Sardesai in Fatorda having managed to convince to Indian Youth Congress to sacrifice the youth president seat for a minority candidate, now shifted its focus on ensuring that a Muslim candidate be given a seat in Mormugao, which is the seat from which Sankalp Amonkar has been recommended by Rahul Gandhi.

When the matter reached the eyes and ears of the Congress president, sources in the know, revealed that Sonia Gandhi was shocked to find out that the issue of the candidates among the Youth and Muslim had still not been settled, since IYC had given up the seat for a Muslim candidate. Even the figures put forth of the concentration of the Muslim voters by certain section of the party informers were incorrect and shockingly false, wherein it was indicated that the Muslim is Fatorda less compared to Mormugao, when in actuality the Muslims in Fatorda are more. These developments have now brought Rahul Gandhi to the decision making table and a decision will be taken within next two days.

But what these complications has certainly thrown light on is the support that the Chief Minister is giving to Vijai Sardesai for fear of losing the Margao seat, if Sardesai turns rebel against the Congress.

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