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Is ICAO suggesting another feasibility study on Mopa?

Pursuing in our endeavor to understand the dual-airport system that both the Centre and State government want to burden the people of Goa with in having both Dabolim and Mopa airports, wrote to International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) to understand their stand on the issue and their report after six years, since they presented their feasibility report in 2007.

Replying to our question, does ICAO hold the same stand on the issue that dual-airport system is the second best option as mentioned in its 2007 report on Mopa, Anthony Philbin, Acting Chief – Communications, ICAO in a written email to on February 22, 2013 stated, “ICAO reports and studies, such as the one you have quoted in your correspondence on this occasion, are produced in consideration of many interrelated and evolving factors.

He further stated, that considering the report in question was published six years ago (2007), ICAO could not officially reconfirm any statements or conclusions it made in this document without the benefit of a follow-up study that adequately considered latest developments.

ICAO in its 2007 report states, three crucial points;

“Based on all the above parameters and recent findings on this issue, the relatively small amount of airport traffic in Goa does not provide a strong argument for splitting the traffic between the existing Dabolim Airport and a new airport at Mopa.”

“Splitting traffic between Dabolim and the new airport would impact the commercial and financial viability of both the airports if a succinct and comprehensive strategy is not developed prior to the implementation of the dual airport system.”

“It appears clear that the decision makers must recognize the fact that dual-airport system is a second best solution, compared to a single airport system to serve a relatively small air transportation market such as Goa’s market. It is however noted that there may be reasons economic, political and/or social that may call for the need to operate a dual airport system.”


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