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Is it time for Goans in U.A.E to pack their bags?


Just like a large contingent of Indians that are still returning from the troubled countries of Egypt and Libya due to the on-going political tension; is it time for the large number of Goans living in the United Arab Emirates to come back home. After Bahrain and Oman now UAE too has joined in the fight for the demand of democracy and a group of UAE leaders are calling for direct elections.
The 133 petitioners include academics, former officials, journalists and activists, participant Ahmed Mansoor told
The petition is addressed to Sheik Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, president of the federation, and the Supreme Council of the seven emirates in the U.A.E.

The group also wants the advisory Federal National Council to get legislative powers.
“The group called for a comprehensive reform of the parliamentary system of the Federal National Council, and included demands for free elections by all citizens,” Mansoor said. “It also demanded reform of legislation governing the work of the Parliament to include legislative and monitoring authorities and calling for necessary constitutional amendments to ensure that.”
While sources in the Goan community in UAE have revealed that there have been no public demonstrations in the U.A.E. so far on the fight for democracy, the possibility owing to the tension across the Arab world could see some ripple effect in the country.


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