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Is Rashmi Shukla a victim for exposing of police-political nexus in job postings?

Sometimes the price of doing one’s duty honestly could become the very cause of one’s sufferings on account of dishonest people. This is true in the life of IPS Rashmi Shukla.

The top-secret document filed on August 20th, 2020 of the investigations conducted by IPS Rashmi Shukla when posted as the Commissioner Intelligence, State Intelligence Department of the Maharashtra Government exposes the police-political nexus in plump job postings of police officers in the state.

Yesterday, the Mumbai Police told the Bombay High Court that the IPS officer will not be arrested for the time being if she co-operates with the interrogation.

IPS Rashmi Shukla is being questioned because the Mumbai Police has registered an FIR against unknown persons for leaking information pertaining to police postings in the state. The Maharashtra government or the Mumbai Police till now have not challenged the report of the IPS officer.

The Top Secret Report of Rashmi Shukla:

“As per the information received from secret sources, the movement of the below mentioned persons are found to be very suspicious. The said person is involved in illegal acts (Dalali),  merely for his  own  benefit, by   making use of  the  names of P olitical leaders   in   respect of   transfer of   Senior police  Offices (Pl to IPS ). Similarly the Police Officers are also in contact with the undesirable elements.   Due to  their this act,  the reputation  of the Government is being spoiled. Apart from the same, for the purpose of stopping from occurring serious offence by causing breach of trust and displeasure, the mobile of the below mentioned persons  is kept under Survey as per the  provisions of the concerned Act.”

The report mentions people in the business of doing ‘Dalali’ meeting with Maharashtra politician and minister Aditya Thackrey, Maharashtra Home Minister (no name taken), NCP Supremo Sharad Power, and even the Chief Minister of Maharashtra.


The top-secret report clearly pinpoints to a nexus between police politicians and certain fixers in job postings of police officers in Maharashtra. The Chief Secretary of Maharashtra Sitaram Kunte refutes the claims of IPS Rashmi Shukla and denies that transfers took place during the tenure mentioned in the Top Secret Report.

“In all, it becomes clear from the above report that, no transfers of I.P.S. Officers were made during the period when Smt. Rashmi Shukla, has done the phone tapping and given the report, and excluding certain exceptions, all the transfers are made by the Government on the basis of the recommendations of Police  Establishment  Board 1.  All  recommendations of Police Establishment Board were  made unanimously by all the members.

Chief Secretary further opines:

“Smt. Rashmi Shukla took permission of Phone tapping of certain persons by telling possibility of causing danger to public order, in which, it has prima facie come to the notice that, she took the permission under Indian Telegraph Act by committing intentional misguiding. Actually, the provisions of the Indian Telegraph Act is for the purpose of effectively keeping watch on causing danger to the sovereignty of national security and antinational acts, etc., and for breaking such conspiracies. It is not expected to use these provisions in the cases of differences of political opinion, business disputes, domestic disputes, etc. But, in this matter misuse of the above provisions are done for purposes, which are different from the original purpose and committed misguidance of the Government for that purpose.”

IPS Rashmi Shukla had moved the Bombay High Court on Monday seeking an urgent hearing and a directive to Mumbai police not to take any coercive action against her in accordance with the FIR lodged into alleged phone tapping case. Stating that instead of applauding her work of exposing police and ministers nexus in postings she is being framed and that she apprehends her arrest in the case.


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