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Is Tamankar Aiming for Spokesperson Post?

If highly placed sources in the Goa Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) are to be believed, then the move of Sudip Tamankar who had recently joined the Congress in Goa has got a rider other than just being a mere member. And the rider as disclosed by GPCC sources indicate that a requisition has been sent to the high command from the current GPCC president Subash Shirodkar to appoint Tamankar as a spokesperson of the Congress.

While those close to Shirodkar are applauding the move of GPCC president to bring an activist who fought against Congress previously to the party fold as an ally, senior leaders including some MLAs opine that it appears that the GPCC president would like to show the people of Goa that Congress has run of out talented members in the party and therefore has to rely on a self-proclaimed activist with a single-agenda of targetting the Dhavlikar brothers, who had been previously with the Congress alliance. Some senior GPCC members feel that Tamankar could be a mole of Parrikar to keep a check on Dhavlikar brothers and get inside information of the Congress workings.

A detailed report on the appointment of Tamankar has been sent to the Congress President Sonia Gandhi including his refusal to withdraw the cases against Pratapsingh Rane, Luizinho Faleiro and Chandrakant Kavlekar in the SEZ scam which he along with other activists filed.

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