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Is the Rail Budget 2014 aimed at ‘Aam Aadmi’? highlights the top ten announcements of the Rail Budget 2014 aimed at the Aam Aadmi:

1. 58 new trains announced. High-speed network and bullet trains soon.

2. Better food during train journeys. Cooked, ready-to-eat meals of known brands will be served on trains; action will be taken against vendors for poor quality.

3. Food can be ordered by SMS and phone. Food courts to be introduced at major stations.

4. Budget for cleanliness up by 40 per cent. CCTVs will be used at stations for monitoring cleanliness and third party inspections will be introduced. Cleaning will be outsourced at 50 major stations.

5.The reservation system will be revamped and ticket-booking will be facilitated through mobile phones and post offices.

6. E-ticketing will enable 7,200 tickets per minute – against the current 2,000 per minute – and allow 120,000 users to simultaneously book online.

7.”Office-on-Wheels”, Wi-Fi and workstation facilities on select trains.

8. Top 10 stations will be revamped for airport-like look and feel.

9. SMS wake-up call for passengers

10. 4,000 women constables will be posted for safety on trains.

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