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Is there an attempt being made to silence Justice MB Shah’s ‘Mining Report’?

If what has learnt is indeed what the Congress party at the Centre is attempting to do, then the much-awaited Justice MB Shah report on the mining industry in Goa aptly called ‘Shah Commission Report’ might not see the light of day as attempts are being made to temporarily shift Justice MB Shah from his current assignment of investigating the illegal mining menace across the country and assign to investigating a yet to be reveled high-profile issue in Gujarat.

Sources close to Justice MB Shah and even in the Centre have categorically told that Justice MB Shah is to be taken off the current assignment and will be sent to cover another concern in Gujarat. This is expected to put a clamp down on the Goa Mining report of which a preliminary copy has already been submitted to the Union Ministry of Mines but not yet released to the media.

The leak of the Shah Commission report to a national media channel had brought out a lot of flak on Justice Shah, and many in the Centre found this as an opportunity to sideline him from his investigations which were unearthing evidences that could send not only the Congress party in Goa but also at the Centre in a state of shock. Since evidence coming out revealed gross violations by not only the Goa government but also the Union ministries of mines and environment. has exposed the extent of illegal mining in Goa over numerous articles. In fact some of the details of the report formed the base to Justice MB Shah’s investigation. Justice MB Shah is fighting his expected sidelining for the Mining Report and this matter is expected to gain prominence in the days to come.


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