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Is Twitter losing its vogue in India?

Since it slow back Twitter INC is losing its popularity in India as a favored communication platform for varied Indian government departments and ministers as they’re switching to homespun rival Koo whereas the American micro-blogging and social networking service vulnerable for non-compliance with India’s laws.

India’s new IT minister Ashwini Vaishnaw is that the most high-profile example for this as after taking the post earlier during this month, he opened a contemporary Koo account and shortly after announced a review of social media firms’ submission in accordance with strict new rules and this information isn’t shared on his Twitter account.

Twitter has disappointed Indian government persistently earlier. Indian administration first took bridle with Twitter in February when it refused to abide with an order to take down posts and accounts responsible for spreading misinformation about Farmers protests; at that point Twitter argued that some requests weren’t in accordance to the Indian law.

Since that dispute many Indian ministers were seen promoting Koo. Koo unlike Twitter, favors content in eight Indian languages, its number of downloads increased ten times in two days to more than 3 million. Number of users increased to 7 million in around 16 months.

Twitter has about 17.5 million users across India; its only seen friction with the government. It did crossed a May 25 deadline for installing compliance and grievance officers mandated under the new social media rules.

Twitter denied treating on the Indian government’s use of Koo but said it works directly with numerous ministries and authorities.

Koo’s increasing grasp can be seen with the trade ministry’s account which has 1.2 million followers on Koo and 1.3 million followers on Twitter. State governments are switching Twitter and joining Koo.

Many tech-experts don’t see Koo becoming that big that fast but say Koo’s local language feature will help the corporate to form a decent market because it pursues long growth.

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