ISKCON Food Relief Foundation, Haryana Organises Drawing Competition at Pataudi

ISKCON Food Relief Foundation (annamrita), with the motto of “Food for Life”, operates the Mid-Day Meal Programme providing nutritious and hygienic food to children. The organisation provides nutritious and hygienic food to 2.5 lakh children from more than 2 thousand schools everyday in the four districts of Haryana, namely, Gurugram, Palwal, Faridabad and Kurukshetra.



ISKCON Food Relief Foundation – Drawing Competition at Pataudi


On 26th February, a Drawing Competition with the theme – Mid Day Meal was organised by IFRF (ISKCON Food Relief Foundation), Haryana at Helymandi (Pataudi), Haryana. Students from 1st to 8th standard from as many as 8 government schools took part in it. Devotional chants and bhajans with Mridanga and Khartal made the auspicious commencement of the event. Dressed in the best of their school dress, the students enthusiastically took part in the competition and picturized their brilliant ideas on the canvas beautifully.



ISKCON Food Relief Foundation – Drawing Competition at Pataudi


Smt. Bimla Chaudhary, MLA (Pataudi) presided over the main event accompanied by her son, Mr. Ravi Chaudhary along with Mr. Suresh, Nagar Palika Chairman. The honorable MLA was greeted by the Vice-Chairman of IFRF Haryana, Mr. Dhananjaya Krishna Das“The contribution of ISKCON Food Relief Foundation is really commendable and they are doing a really great work providing nutritious food to the hungry children. I wish their work grows each day.” said the MLA. She recalled Jaisa ho Ann, Vaisa ho Mann – You are what you eat. Her appreciation of the great charity work done by annamrita was straight from the heart. She went to the extent of saying, “My Shata- Shata pranaam (hundreds of bows) for such pious and charitable work.”The honorable MLA also wished to be a part of this great work and promised to visit the annamrita’s Gurugarm state-of-the-art kitchen soon.


Children of the school went on record in expressing their love for the regular meal and wished for it to continue eternally. “ISKCON provides nutritious and tasty food on a daily basis and we really love the fact that everyday we get to eat different varieties of food”, said Megha, a student of GMS School. One of the teachers of the school stated, “The food provided by ISKCON is very healthy but other than that it is the positive vibes and the moral values that really makes the food special.”


After the successful event, the children were greeted with sumptuous Mid-Day Meal and given a return gift of a beautiful lunch box. The winners of the competition will be decided by an eminent jury and the awards will be given to the winners in their respective schools.


Healthy food is a right, not a privilege. Here, at ISKCON Food Relief Foundation, Haryana we strive to bring children into a positive relationship with their health, community and environment. We follow the belief, “You are what you eat” and try to provide the food so pure that it makes the hearts and minds of the children pure.

Source: NV1



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