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Islamic radicals must be stopped or else India will burn

Islamic radicals have gone on a rampage in India. They found an excuse in Nupur Sharma’s comment on Prophet Muhammad’s life to give an expression to their brutality and hate.

I say an excuse because if it was not Nupur’s statement, they would find another reason to spread hatred and violence. Unfortunately, Nupur made the factually indisputable statement but erred in trying to show a mirror to a set of believers for whom criticism to their prophet or religion is a potent detonator to unprecedented violence. In fact, most people have been focussing on the supposed bigotry of Nupur Sharma but have not uttered a single-word over the bigoted behaviour of Taslim Abdul Rahmani of the SDPI who provoked Nupur Sharma with repeatedly mocking and insulting Hindu beliefs. In fact, Rahmani continues to invited as a panelist to spread more venom and hate.

The deaths of Kanhaiya Lal and Umesh Kohle is a start to planned madness to create fear in the minds of the people in India by the Islamic radicals.

Their target is to spread fear in Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and all Indians. The Islamic radicals have tacit support and funding from Pakistan, Turkey and Qatar. I would not be surprised if we find links in the arrested Islamic radicals with ISIS and India’s own questionable radical group Popular Front of India (PFI) working to spark the fire of a communal divide. Provoke the Hindus to react violently appears to be the strategy.

The resurgence of Hindus in a Hindu-majority India is stirring an unprecedented fear in some of the Islamic radicals. Therefore, their actions are getting more vile and more violent. In a conflagaration, Islamic radicals believe India will burn and a burning India suits their purpose, afterall to the Islamic radicals India is not their motherland. Islamic radicals want to Hindus to react violently. They want communal tension in India. That’s why if you carefully study their actions and juxtopose it with their ultimate agenda, you will see that their intent is to further divide India on the basis of religion – Hindus and Muslims. They want India and Indians to burn, they will not care if it is an Indian Muslim burning.

Islamic radicals know that there are also a few Hindu extremists who want to keep the Hindu-Muslim conflict burning for their own agenda. Political opportunisits further drive a wedge stirring the communal tension in India for their political gains. Today, India is slowly becoming a place, where a Hindu is weary of a Muslim, a Christian is weary of Hindu and a Muslim thinks that the Hindu and Christian wants to destroy the Muslims.

People that want to divide India want this mistrust to exist between all Indians on the basis of religion and caste. This mistrust will be the spark to large-spread communal violence in India in the months ahead. If you cannot trust you neighbour who belongs to another religion, you cannot live in a community together. You will have conflicts if there is no trust.

Hate has always been there in the hearts of Islamic radicals.

Islamic radicals are bred in hatred from childhood and when they become adults they brew more hate. Intriguingly, Islamic radicals use the tenets of the Islamic religion to justify their hate and brutality towards people who do not believe in Islam. Most Arab nations that fund Islamic radicalism do not face Islamic radicalism. Islamic radicalism is often spread in nations that conflict with the Arab world or by Islamic nations like Pakistan and Afghanistan in India. Islamic radicalism has been used to destroy Islamic nations too. An Islamic radical sees a Muslim as a weak representation of Islam, therefore they find young and impressionable Muslim children to brainwash their minds with fear and then fill their minds with hate against people from other religions.

At a time when Islamic radicals are working to destroy the social fabric of India, it is important for the Indians Muslims to raise their voices against this madness and barbaric behaviour. Consentious Indian Muslims must condemn the brutal killing of Kanhaiya Lal and Umesh Kohle. The beheading of Kanhaiya Lal and the murder of Umesh Kohle was horrific to say the least.

Civilised society cannot and must not accept such brute behaviour with complete disregard for the laws of India. Even if the Muslims were offended by the comment of Nupur Sharma, no Muslim in India has the right to go about beheading Hindus who supported Nupur Sharma. Neither do the Muslims have the right to threaten Nupur Sharma. There are laws in India. Go to the Courts if you felt offended by her comment. This is India not a Islamic radicalised wasteland where barbarians roam freely with no conscience and rudimentary laws.

In fact it was shocking to hear some panelists weirdly justifying the brutal and barbaric killing of Kanhaiya Lal and Umesh Kohle by blaming Nupur Sharma. They opined that her comment created the atmosphere of hate therefore the Islamic radicals behaved like barbarians otherwise they would not have murdered anyone. In fact, even Supreme Court judges too pinned the death of Kanhaiya Lal and Umesh Kohle on Nupur Sharma’s comment. The reaction to what one would consider an insensitive comment cannot be beheading another person. We are civilised people not barbarians. Imagine if Hindus were to go out and behead people for their mocking of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Hindus would not because the religion does not breed hate or their Gods belittled by insenstive comments.

If Islamic radicalisation is to be eradicated it is the consentious Muslims that need to stand up for India and Indians. India belong to Indians and our religion does not define our nationalism. India is about Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and every single Indian irrespective of religion and caste. Until will rise as Indians we will not be able to tackle Islamic radicalism or any extremism in India. We need to reign in the Islamic radicals or they will make India burn.



Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief GoaChronicle.com
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