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Islamic terrorists do a Mumbai 26/11 copy cat attack in Vienna 

Vienna: Austrian police have launched a manhunt for at least one suspect after a multiple gun attack in the capital, Vienna, left four people dead.

The terror attack by Islamic terrorists appears to be out of the playbook of the horrific Mumbai 26/11 terror attack that crippled India’s financial capital.

Authorities said that about 17 more people were wounded in the attack, some of them seriously after gunmen opened fire at six different locations in the city center on Monday evening, a local newspaper reported.

One suspect was shot dead by police, whom the Interior Minister Karl Nehammer described as an “Islamist terrorist”.

Addressing a news conference, he said the attacker was an Islamic State (IS) sympathizer and that the suspect’s home had been searched and video material seized. Police tweeted that he had been wearing a fake explosive belt.

Earlier, Nehammer said at least one “heavily armed and dangerous” attacker was still believed to be at large. He urged people to avoid central Vienna and told parents not to take their children to school on Tuesday.

The shootings broke out near Vienna’s Seitenstettengasse synagogue but it is not yet clear if that was the target. The synagogue was closed at the time of the attack. However, an officer guarding the building was among the wounded. 

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz called it a “repulsive terror attack”.

The attack happened just hours before Austria imposed new national restrictions to try to control the rising cases of coronavirus. Many people were out enjoying bars and restaurants before they closed at midnight.

Members of the special forces quickly arrived at the scene. One policeman suffered a gunshot wound before other officers shot the perpetrator, who was armed with an automatic rifle, a pistol, and a machete.

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