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Israel detects 1.7million anti-Semitic messages on Twitter, YouTube in 2020 – Pompeo

Washington: The Israeli authorities have detected 1.7 million anti-Semitic messages on the social media networks Twitter and YouTube, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Wednesday.

“In first eight months of 2020, Israel’s anti-Semitism monitoring system recorded 1.7 million anti-Semitic messages from more than 45,000 users on Twitter and YouTube,” Pompeo said in his opening remarks at the first-ever US government-hosted conference on anti-Semitism.

Pompeo said some of the messages originated from Iran government agencies and 37,000 of them were related to the current novel coronavirus pandemic.
“They blame the Jewish people for spreading COVID-19,” he said.

The US government considers anti-Semitism to be a “poison” and is making every effort to combat hatred, Pompeo added

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