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ISRO eyeing for 14 missions in 2021 : Sivan

Sriharikota: ISRO Chairman Dr K Sivan on Sunday said the Space Agency’s hands are full as it was eyeing to launch 14 missions this year.

Addressing the scientists from the Mission Control Centre after the successful and precise injection of Brazillian Satellite Amazonia-1 and 18 other co-passenger satellites by PSLV-C51, in a mission that lasted close to two hours, Dr Sivan, talking about the upcoming missions, said ‘definitely our hands are full as we are planning to have 14 missions this year’.

He said the 14 missions included six satellite missions, seven launch missions and the first unmanned mission.
Dr Sivan said the first unamnned mission will take place by the end of this year and will be a prelude to the manned Gaganyaan mission.

‘That is our target and we are working on that’, he said, adding, as usual the team ISRO will rise to the occasion and meet all the targets set by the ISRO for meeting national demands.

About the success of today PSLV-C51, he said it was a great day and a special mission for ISRO. He congratulated the entire team ISRO and the Mission Readiness Review (MRR) team for this successful launch as Amazonia-1
and 18 co-passenger passengers were injected into the precise orbit.

He said of the 18 co-passenger satellites, 13 were from commercial partners and the other five included one from
DRDO, one from Spacekidz India and UNItysat, a three-in-one satellite designed and buily by university students under the newly formed NewSpace India Limited (NSIL) by the Union government.

He also congratulated and complimented the entire team for building these nano satellites. Dr Sivan said this mission will enthuse many students across the country, the industry and the academic institutions to take up such projects.

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