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ISRO To Map Goa’s CRZ: Aleixo Sequeira

Goa’s Minister for Environment Aleixo Sequeira disclosed that the State administration was seeking Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) help to map the sand dunes and mangroves in the State in order to implement the Coastal Regulation Zone Notification effectively.
He said the entire 105 odd kms coastal stretch of the State will be mapped using satellite images with the help of ISRO to identify each and every sand dune for not only its location but also dimension.

Besides, the extensive mangrove plantations in the State, which have been classified as No Development Zone in CRZ 2011 notification, will also be mapped by using satellite imagery, he said.
The minister also stated that the government had already mapped the coastal village in Goa even before this was stated in the CRZ 2011.
He also disclosed that the hazard line for Goa and also the khazan lands are in the process of being mapped.


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