It is an honour being called KO: Top Model Karan Oberoi

Fashion and fitness model Karan Oberoi has been creating waves in both the fashion and fitness modelling worlds for just about a decade now. After having earned the much-coveted titles of ‘Best Body’ & ‘Mr. Photogenic’ at Mr. India International, and the impressive ‘Youth Icon Model of the Year’ by none other than the Global Leadership Awards of 2018, Karan’s accolade journey seems to have just begun. He has also appeared in a slew of leading publications and as the cover model for a number of health magazines, and now Karan’s sights are set on conquering the digital space.

In early 2018, Hindustan Times had while also calling him a ‘Knockout’. The term and its abbreviated form K.O., is used in full-contact combat sports to denote what is usually the match or fight-winning move. Soon enough, his colleagues in the industry started referring to him as K.O.

It just so happens that Oberoi’s initials also spell K.O., a fact that makes him partial to the nickname. “As someone for whom fitness is more a way of life than a passing fad, being called K.O. is the highest honour. I personally like the boxing connotation of it, and imagine myself ‘knocking out’ my competition!” jokes Karan.

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