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It’s A Case Of Sour Grapes For Micky

Having read the signals clearly at last, Micky Pacheco returned to Goa empty handed after camping unsuccessfully in the national capital to prevail upon his party leadership to either re-instate him as a minister in the Goa cabinet or withdraw support to the Digambar Kamat led government.
Micky held three rounds of talks with Nationalist Congress Party supremo Sharad Pawar and while earlier he maintained that things were moving in the right direction, after the last round of talks on Wednesday, in what can be termed a case of “sour grapes” he said he was not interested in becoming a minister.

Sharad Pawar while empathizing with Micky over the treatment meted out to him, apparently does not want to upset the apple cart at this juncture as the repercussions would be too serious. He has realized that if he insists on either inducting Micky in the cabinet or dropping the two NCP MLAs from the cabinet, the political equation is likely to change in Goa leaving his party in a lurch.
Both Revenue Minister Jose Philip D’Souza and Tourism Minister Nilkanth Halarnkar are learnt to be ready to resign from the NCP and join the Congress if the NCP bosses push the envelope and this would trigger off a political upheaval resulting in even early elections.
The NCP is not prepared to face this eventuality and therefore Micky was advised to have some patience and it is learnt that Sharad Pawar will now try and get him appointed as Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission, a position that NCP has been demanding for quite some time now.
Micky who had threatened to quit the NCP if his three demands – his induction in the cabinet, dropping of the two NCP MLAs from cabinet and in the alternative, withdrawal of support to the government – were not met has now backtracked.
He said that he wanted to work for the NCP in Goa and added that he had explained to his party leaders in Delhi how the Congress was maltreating the NCP and inhibiting its growth in the State.

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