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#IWantMyPinkBelt – a movement to unite the country for a safer tomorrow

MUMBAI, India, March 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Pink Belt Mission, a non-profit organization, is seeking the support of Indian citizens to sign a petition and make a plea to the government to help make the concept a women safety device into reality. The ‘Pink Belt’- is an idea of an assault alert band that will have features like Live GPS tracking which can alert the nearest local authorities, medical centres and family members with just the press of a button, enabling women who are in danger to either get protection and access to medical aid in a timely manner.

In 2019, 1 rape was reported every 13 minutes in India, more than 1000 acid attacks took place and over 30% of attacks on women were that of domestic abuse, according to National Crime Records Bureau. Apart from the need to actually try to prevent such untoward and unacceptable crimes, the  Pink Belt Mission has identified the root issue of delayed medical assistance during such unprecedented times, leading to death of a large number of victims. Through their relentless efforts, they have formulated an unwaveringly strong system that will require the government’s support to bridge the gap between proposing a lifesaving concept and making the ‘Pink Belt’ a reality. This ecosystem will not only benefit an individual in danger but also shares power with people in the vicinity of the attack to seek immediate assistance.

To heed the concept on paper, Pink Belt Mission urges people to sign the petition that can further become a nation awakening movement. Not limited to just signatures on the petition, the Pink Belt Mission aims to impact lives through this novel concept with the support of the government and the people of India. 

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Pink Belt Mission also steers conversations among the people through a hard hitting video, mirroring the harsh reality of the women in our country. The video creates a much needed impact with the intention to motivate every viewer to sign the petition. Through the #IWantMyPinkBelt movement, the nation can come together and spark a movement which will help bring this one-a-kind concept in reality.  

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Elaborating her thoughts on the same, Aparna Rajawat, Founder, Pink Belt Mission, shares, “We have witnessed so many deaths due to rapes. We have seen so many acid attack survivors lose vision and live with stigma their entire lives. Every time Pink Belt Mission comes across such incidents, one of the most alarming problems is delay in assistance that could either prevent the crime or provide medical aid swiftly. Through the Pink Belt Mission, we aim at seeking help from the government to make this concept of an assault alert system become a reality that will work on providing prompt help to anyone in danger. With the government assistance, the ‘Pink Belt’ can go miles and save lives, along with the hopes that this will move towards making our country safer for women every passing day.”

Mansi Chandra, Associate, Pink Belt Mission, says, “While still reporting rape is a taboo in the rural parts of India, victims lose half the battle due to lack of immediate medical aid. By introducing this concept to the authorities, we aim to at least bridge the gap between the incident and the necessary support required which is mandated by law but is not provided to a lot of women in their time of need. This is one small step towards a safer country for women, wherein we encourage every woman to say ‘I want my pink belt’ from the authorities and make this movement as real as our intentions.”

In February 2020, Pink Belt Mission was awarded a Guinness World Record for organizing the largest self-defence workshop and has trained more than 1.5 Lakh women in various sectors and they have 2K+ trainers to help them achieve their goal. Through their promising efforts, Pink Belt Mission wants to make a difference in the lives of women and children, making them feel an important part of society.

About The ‘Pink Belt’ concept

A concept of a device designed in the form of a band to be worn around the wrist by a woman serving as her protector. The concept of the product has been designed to have a button, which upon being pressed triggers an alert through an inbuilt SIM card. The alert from the product is shared with the nearest police station, who can then dispatch personnel to the victims’ location and the right steps to help her can be taken. The safety device will be embedded within the coating of a silicone casing for durability & other functional requirements linked to your GPS location without the need of any internet accessibility.

It will also have inbuilt sensors which will get activated upon extreme force, so if an attacker tries to pull or break the device an automatic alert shall be triggered with the victims’ exact location.

About Pink Belt Mission

In 2016 the founder Aparna Rajawat started Aaleya Welfare Society to sponsor education for poor kids. Later, she started Pink Belt Mission with the objective to strengthen every Indian woman by providing them health awareness, safety techniques, legal rights, cybercrime, self-defence, computer literacy, and vocational training in order to prevent sexual and domestic abuse.

With a belief that strong women make a stronger community, Pink Belt Mission focuses on encouraging and supporting women by spreading digital awareness, giving safety education to handle any kind of abuse, and giving vocational training to start their own micro-business.
They also aim to support unprivileged children in the community by focusing on education for poor children, help kids with special needs, support handicapped people to start marginal businesses, and provide welfare schemes for elderly people medical support. They offer career counselling for young people to continue their financial education, and platforms to develop their sports and cultural talents.

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