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Jaitley slams oppn leaders, calls them ‘compulsive contrarians’

New Delhi, Jan 17 (GCCurrentAffairs) Union Finance Minister and senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley on Thursday slammed the opposition leaders calling them ‘compulsive contrarians’ and maintained these leaders generally tried to thrive on falsehood.

“There are some in the political system who thought that they were born to rule. There are those who had managed to penetrate into positions of influence irrespective of the Government in power. Some who were part of the ideological left and the ultra-left obviously found the new Government wholly unacceptable. Hence emerged a new class of Compulsive Contrarians,” wrote Mr Jaitley in his blog posted on Facebook.

Trying to make his argument, Finance Minister said the opposition leaders “picked holes” in the proposal to give 10 per cent reservation in education and public jobs to the poor, compelling him (Jaitley) to comment in the Lok Sabha that this was the “first illustration in history where the Communists were obstructing a step taken to support the poor”.

“Steps taken against black money were described as “Tax Terrorism”. The virtues of cash which was a source of

black money and fuelled corruption were discovered after demonetisation. AADHAAR which became an instrument for saving money to ensure that it is fruitfully spent for the poor was questioned on the ground of violating personal liberty. Slogans which championed the breaking-up of this country into pieces was defended as free speech,” he wrote.

The Finance Minister, who has reportedly gone abroad for medical treatment, also said the successful surgical strikes conducted by the Army were questioned “either as a routine or as a dubious process”.

“The Compulsive Contrarians had no qualms about manufacturing falsehood. They could concoct arguments even if they went against the general interest of the country. They could masquerade corruption as crusade,” the Union Minister wrote.

On high profile Rafale aircraft deal, Mr Jaitley said – “The purchase of Rafale Combat Aircraft is yet another case of concocted falsehood by the Compulsive Contrarians. This is a deal where Prime Minister Modi should be credited with saving thousands of crores of the country. The Congress had compromised national security by delaying the deal for over a decade. Fake and concocted figures were put into the public domain as the purchase price of the Combat Aircraft”.

He further wrote, “The differences between a plain aircraft as a flying instrument and a Weaponised Aircraft was sought to be obliterated. Every fact was brought before the Supreme Court. The Court conclusively rejected the challenge”.

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